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Monday, April 18, 2016

A Quick Catch-up

65MD had a conference in Chicago last week.  I happily agreed to tag along.  I love the tag along!  We planned the trip at the first of the year, thinking that it wouldn't be so cold in Chicago in April.  We were wrong!  They were actually having snow just days before we arrived.

We had a nice trip, but I won't bore everyone with the details.  I'll just share a few tidbits:

First, Chicago is quite windy.  But it is called the Windy City because of the politicians yak & blather.  The name works for the weather too.  I have never been so pummeled by wind.

Next, we stayed in a palace hotel called the Palmer House.  It has an interesting history dating back to the great Chicago fire.  Google it.  If anyone ever finds themselves in Chicago check it out.  A second mortgage is probably required to stay there.  We got a conference rate and 65MD's employer paid, since they require attendance at these things. Just go look around.  It is fabulous.  I hardly left the hotel alone.  Besides being a cool place to explore, I could hardly open the doors against the wind!  

Finally, I had a break through with my shoes!  I found the right tension with the laces.  I can get them on & off without adjusting them and they don't feel floppy when I walk.  We walked a lot!  It was probably 1/2 mile from the gate where we landed to the train that took us to the city.  No exaggeration!  We didn't rent a car because we were staying at the conference site.  So, we had to walk if we wanted to eat outside of the hotel.  We did.  We also wanted to explore the area.  We walked to Lake Michigan and the Sears Tower (now the Willis Tower).  We went to Jeweler's Row but I couldn't convince 65MD that I needed any more diamonds!!

We had a very nice trip until Friday, our departure day.  Then 65MD's wallet went missing.  I'll do a whole post about that in a day or two.  Getting on a plane without photo ID can be a challenge.


  1. Oh! I wish my tagalongs were to Chicago!!! My tagalongs are to Tibooburra NSW. Google those hotels! Lol!

  2. Love visiting Chicago. Good food.

    Oh no, I hope the wallet has been found and all contents in tact.

    glad you got the shoes worked out.

  3. I would love to have a Tagalong! I've never been that lucky!!!!

    Congrats on figuring the shoes out! Did he ever find his wallet???