Total Weight Loss

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Wednesday Weigh-in and Water

Today the scales read 230.0.  That is up 0.6 from my last weigh in before our trip.  I'm sure this is just a little souvenir from the trip and will be gone by next week.  Even though I tried Saturday and Sunday, I really didn't get my mind in the right place until Monday.

My total weight loss from my highest weight five years ago is 24.4 lbs.  It is a real victory that I haven't regained everything.  I'm leaving my ultimate goal weight open.  I want weight loss to be a natural part of my life.  I think it will be with the Granny Plan.  

I think I'll set some mini goals though.  Like getting to my pre-op weight, which was 219. And getting below 200.  I think I'll give myself little rewards as well.  Or I might just give myself an reward every time I lose 10 pounds.  I'm not sure.  I'll let it roll around in my mind a while.

Now, about water - it is almost the only thing I drink.  Obviously, I have cut out sugar.  I've also cut out artificial sweeteners.  I am almost to the point that I think sugar is better than the artificial sweeteners, just almost.  Right now, I'm allowing myself honey or stevia.

I have found some stevia sweetened flavorings at Publix called Everly.  I really like them.  They are nice mild flavors.  Not overly sweet like Crystal Light or Mio can be, IMO.  But I miss my tea.

I like honey in hot tea but not in iced tea.  I've tried several brands of stevia, but I haven't found one that I truly like.  That stuff isn't cheap so I don't want to buy it if I don't love it.  I discovered that I like agave nectar enough to pay the price for it but then I learned that it is really no better than sugar as far as spiking blood sugar is concerned.

A couple of years ago, we grew some stevia in the garden.  I brewed those leaves with my tea.  I enjoyed that.  It took about a cup of leaves per pitcher and just gave it a mild sweetness.  So, of course, that only works in the summer.

I'm searching for a nice chemical free way to sweeten my tea.  Any suggestions?


  1. I'm no help there, but I hope you find your answer. Sorry about being up, but - like you said - it's probably from the trip and all that went with it, including stress!

  2. Yeah, I go back and forth on the sweeteners. But I definitely think that natural is the way to go. A little sugar/honey isn't bad, it's a lot that starts to be a problem. Such is with anything, eh! I use the liquid Stevia for my teas if I want them sweet, and in oatmeal. Since it's stored in the fridge, I can just grab it and put some drops in. That's what I use the most.

  3. I have found that I don't need to sweeten flavored tea. I learned to like the less sweet stuff when I started drinking La Croix. Now that I have cut out carbonation, I can't have them anymore. But I do love peach tea!

    Also, I LOVE mini-goals and find them very helpful. Right now I have them at 10 pounds a part, but after the next one, they will go to 5. I get motivated if I'm close to a goal so having more helps me!

    1. Reading your post about your mini goals is what made me start thinking about them for myself.