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Friday, March 5, 2010

A New Old Adventure

With this blog I hope to recap the last year of weight loss struggles and triumphs and chronicle those same issues going forward. I struggled and struggled with the decision to blog about this. Part of me wishes I started a year ago, so that all of this would be documented, and maybe even write a book. Another part, and the one that has won up until now has been too prideful. I don't want to open the deepest, darkest most shameful part of myself for the world to see. It isn't like people couldn't look at me and tell I was overweight. It is, in my estimation, one thing to think something and quite another to know something.

Pride and denial have been my companions for far too long. They are part of the reason I had come to the point to have to lose weight. With this blog, I hope to banish them and move on to a healthier life both physically and emotionally without them.

The first few entries will be a recap of the past twelve months;
*why I started dieting yet again
*what I've done to lose the weight
*phantom fat
*discussions with doctors
*excitement of new clothes

Once I've caught up a bit, I'll keep publishing the highs & lows of the journey. Join me if you'd like. I hope my story will help others walking this same path.

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  1. I commend you for what you're doing, Lori! You'll be in my prayers!