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Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Second Three Weeks

I had lost weight beyond my greatest expectation the first three weeks and was totally freaked out that I might gain an ounce back. I spent the second three weeks, doing low carb. The middle week of the three was spent in Destin, eating out every meal. I took nuts with me for a snack in the room, so I had no excuse to go get ice cream or anything like that if I got hungry during the day. John was incredibly supportive and often split entrees with me. He always ate the fries, or potato, or whatever starch was served with the meal, and let me have the green side. We walked a lot while we were there. The place had an indoor pool so I was able to swim too. At the end of the second three weeks, I had only lost 0.8 lbs, and there was no change in my measurements. I considered this a victory since in times past vacation was a good opportunity to over indulge. Something was slowly changing inside of me. It still wasn't easy, but I was making progress.

Next time - Cheat Days!!!

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