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Monday, March 29, 2010

A Quick Observation

This morning I weighed 183.8.  My lowest point on this journey was 183.0, so I've floundered for about a month now.  Last Monday, I weighed 190.2, and I decided to get back on track.  I very carefully monitored my intake, absolutely no carbs, and really gave my fullest effort on the elliptical/Wii.  My efforts were handsomely rewarded, and I feel good.  I feel in control again.

Yesterday and today were filled with compliments on how I looked.  Just about everyone I encountered had something nice to say about how I looked.  I began to ponder why.  I look much the same as I did last week, and the week before, and the week before.  Why were people noticing?  I think it was that I felt better about myself.  I'd seized control again and that made me feel better and therefore project a more positive image.

Then I began to think about how I felt at 180 on the way up.  Not good.  I dressed to camoflage the new bulges and bumps.  I didn't feel good about myself and the downward spiral continued all the way to 250+.  It is funny how your perspective changes everything.  Years ago I was hiding on the way up.  Today I'm shouting "Look at me!" on the way down.  I like this feeling much better.

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