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Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Story of the Black Pants

Last summer my friend S and I taught the 2 years olds on Wednesday night's at church. This involves lots of sitting in very low 2 year old sized chairs and sometimes even getting in the floor. My clothing of choice for this, was pants.

One night, I came home from work and realized that both of my 'go to' pairs of pants were dirty. I really didn't want to wear a skirt or dress, and I didn't have time to wash the dirty pants. I had a pair of black denim jeans, that I'd worn at a smaller size in my life. I decided to put them on to see if I could stand to wear them for the couple of hours required. I'd have to bend over and squat low a few times probably to stretch them out, and see just how much circulation they cut off at my waist.

Imagine my surprise when the pants fit. Not only did they fit, they fit perfectly, like I'd just gone out and bought them. I felt light as a feather. My backside felt positively small. I could hardly wait until time to go to church in my very nicely fitting pants, with no worries about circulation, or those horrible red marks all over my lower body where they'd pressed in. I loved wearing those pants!! It was one of the first marks of progress for me, since I really had not noticed my other clothes getting too large.

In time, the black denim pants got too large. I actually wondered what was wrong with the pants! It even took me a while to realize there was nothing at all wrong with the pants, it was me. I had continued to shrink and they stayed the same size. That was a bit of an epiphany for me. I realized that things were changing with my body, but I was not recognizing it. I was thinking it was whatever was outside of me. I really had to open my eyes and recognize the progress I was making. I was beginning to wonder about myself in this regard. Then I ran across this article -

It gave me comfort to know that what was happening to me was typical as to what has happened to lots and lots of other people that have lost weight. It was a real turning point for me. I consciously acknowledged that I was different and it was good. Maybe it will help the readers as well.

Let me know your thoughts.

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