Total Weight Loss

Friday, September 9, 2011


I have really been enjoying cooking lately. Since 65MD and I got together and agreed on the menus for the week, it has made life so much easier. One of the purposes of making out the menus was to keep from getting in a rut and to think of new and healthy ways to prepare some favorites. Last night as a part of our evening meal, that was apples.

I'd often 'fried' them with water, a little splenda & cinnamon for myself, but 65MD eschews all artificial sweeteners. So, last night, I used some local honey in place of the splenda. It served a dual purpose, besides sweetening the apples it helped with our allergies. It gave the apples a little different taste, but we both agreed we like it and will do it again.

I love it when stuff works out like that.


  1. sounds yummy and it's great you're working as a team!

  2. I used to bake apples. Hull out the middle, put a few walnut chunks into the hole, add a bit of honey and bake until soft. I remember it tasted delicious. Now I don't eat honey and I find apples too sweet on their own, so no more baked apples for me. Have a nice weekend :)

  3. Wow, those sound delicious. That is a creative way to eat some fruit!

  4. I should get back to planning the menu ahead, too! I've found it is both easier to make good choices AND cheaper. But somehow I keep forgetting...

    And the apple treat sounds DELICIOUS! :)