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Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Birthday, 65MD

Today is 65MD's birthday.  He's so special the whole country called a holiday just for him.  ;-P

We're having a chilly, rainy day so our plans have been switch up a bit.  That's OK.  I am enjoying it anyway.

I'll get back in to my routine a little better as the week progresses.

I hope everyone has had a nice, restful long weekend.


  1. happy birthday 65MD glad you had a good bday, see i KNOW it was SPECTACULAR cause you spent it with lori and she is SPECTACULAR!!!

  2. Perhaps you should remind him that they call the holiday Labor Day. I'm sure his mom might have had plenty to say about that!!

    Hope you two had a good day. We didn't do much except watch it rain.

  3. Happy Birthday to 65MD - I've been trying to figure out his name the 65 doesn't refer to an age and that won't change??! MD? Medical doctor? Macho Deal? :D
    Hope it's a great celebration!