Total Weight Loss

Friday, September 30, 2011


I think I'm about to my normal self.  A week in Tampa will seal the deal I'm sure.

This was indeed one of the strangest adventures of my life.  On Wednesday I got the official diagnosis of E-coli.  By that time, I'd had four days of iv antibiotics in the hospital and five days of oral antibiotics at home.  I worked some during the week so as not to get too far behind.

Even though, I really feel much, much better I have a way to go to get back in the healthy eating groove.  When I first came down with this, before I realized that I was as sick as I was, my appetite totally vanished.  I thought I was experiencing personal growth not wanting food when I wasn't hungry.  Oh well!  While I was in the hospital I was encouraged to eat anything.  Most of the time, whatever came to mind to eat, I immediately decided was too hard to digest.  Who knows what the fevered brain will think.  As a result, I let myself eat anything that sounded digestible.  Even at that, I only ate minuscule amounts.  I really thought I'd register a big loss, but that was not to be either.

Obviously, exercise didn't happen.  That is not unless pushing an iv pole over the bathroom threshold.  It is harder than it sounds, people!  The oddest thing is that I can hardly drink water.  I was chugging 100 ounces a day easy as can be before I got sick.  Now, I am really having to force the water to get up to 64 ounces. 

I think all three things will come back in time - healthy eating, good exercise and plenty of water.  Right now, I'm doing the best I can, and giving myself a great big break.  I don't think it is a cop out.  I think it is being good to myself as I continue to heal.  I'm not eating candy or junk like that, but I'm still thinking about what sounds good and getting that as much as possible since 65MD has been doing all of the cooking.

We'll be in Tampa next week.  I'm going to use that time to relax and continue to heal.  I'm hoping by the time we return, I'll be back to 100% and ready to battle these last few pounds.


  1. Yikes! Take care of yourself and have a great trip.

  2. poor baby that's a horrible illness. sending you prayer, love, and reiki. just do whatever you need to to mend. we'll be waiting when you get back can't wait to hear about tampa...........if you like salvador dali there's a world class museum there. i used to visit at least once a year when i lived in fl. they also have an aquarium that i enjoyed. xoxoxoxoxoxo

  3. Goodness! Take care of yourself and give yourself plenty of time to heal.

  4. My first thought when you told me how sick you'd been was that I hope you don't forever associate Charleston with being sick. It is such a beautiful and romantic place - I'd hate for you to hold bad memories of it.

    Have fun in Tampa! Be good to you!!

  5. Yes, giving yourself a break now is definitely what you need! (or then, hopefully you're all better now!) You can always go back to losing weight later, when you're so sick, you really need to take care of yourself first!