Total Weight Loss

Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Fast

I started a three day fast on Monday. I didn't tell anyone that I was to fast for three whole days, not even 65MD at first. The main reason being, that I didn't want to announce another FAIL. It was do or die time for me. I knew that if I was successful, I could move on. I really didn't know what I would do if I was unsuccessful. It really wasn't an option. I went about 84 hours without food of any kind. I drank mostly water, but did have other sugar free beverages.

On Monday morning, I got a comment from Timothy saying that he was going to stand with me in this and fast on Monday with me, which was all I'd said. He even gave me a good fast to follow. That made me cry, it was so kind. Of course, at lunchtime at work, I had to come clean about my fast, even then I only said for the day. Everyone was incredibly supportive. (Why do I doubt my friends?) Mid afternoon, someone asked how I was feeling, and I had to say I felt GREAT! My mind was clear, I had none of that vague sadness around the edges of my mind. I felt like I could run a race, I had so much energy. Monday evening, l did a full 20 minutes on the stair stepper with no problem. In fact, I went over a bit because I was watching TV and wanted to see the end!

On Tuesday, however, I woke with a screaming headache. I was a little nauseous and thought I full on migraine was in my future. I thought it might have been triggered by the fast, but wasn't going to let that deter me from my goal. Then I remembered that we'd slept with the windows open and my problem was probably allergies. Since I couldn't be sure what the problem was, I took some Excedrin and a taste of honey. By the time left for work, I felt like the old me. Tuesday evening even after the stair stepper, it seemed like I had a lot of extra time. 65MD and I sat out on our porch and chatted during the evening. It was a lovely time.

Wednesday I woke up feeling fine, no headache. I could not drink all the water that I usually do in the morning. I felt quite full and so I didn't force any more down just for the sake of getting all the water down. I got through the day Wednesday with no issues, although for some reason, Wednesday evening was the hardest part.

I feel great. I feel in control again, like the old me. I'm being extra careful about my choices today because I don't want to defile my nice clean body. I had one piece of Ezekial raisin bread with cream cheese spread on it for breakfast. So far, so good!

I had a couple of big surprises. One, I lost a lot of weight. I'll announce that on Saturday as usual. That will help keep me from overeating today & tomorrow. Second, I never felt bad other than the headache, which I'm convinced was allergies. I was concerned that going three days without food would cause some woozieness at least. I never experienced any ill effects physically. Quite the opposite, I felt great most of the time.

I know that part of is was taking control back, but I really think a larger part was the cleansing that my body needed. In fact, I felt so good, that I'm thinking of making a fast a monthly habit. I probably won't do a three day fast again, but I could easily work in a one day fast each month. I just might make it my last day of the month plan.


  1. It's very inspiring to read you had such positive results with your fast. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  2. BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO! so very glad and proud you did it (i KNEW you would!) it's wonderful to hear you happy, when you're sad it makes me sad. you're such a sweet special person. just want to thank you for touching my life, having such a fabulous friend sure does make the journey nicer! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  3. Congratulations on taking your power back! :) I have to take back my control, too, it 's been slipping away. Glad to hear you're back on track and feeling good!