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Monday, September 19, 2011

I'm Back, Finally

65MD had a conference in Charleston, SC Wednesday through Saturday last week and I happily tagged along.  I love those trips.  All during the trip I mentally blogged about how well I was doing, how I was making good choices, and wanting only very small portions.  I was getting tons of walking in because we stayed right in historic Charleston and there were so many cool places to see, right in walking distance.

On Friday though, I began to feel achy and cold.  It was one of those days that got colder as the day went along and I only had a light sweater.  I thought my problem was I didn't have enough clothes and blamed the aches on not being in as good of shape as I thought.  Because we walked A LOT!  On Friday evening I was so cold I had the shivers.

Saturday he had only one early morning session and we came home.  I was still in bed when he got back just because I liked it there.  We got our things together, and had a few hours before needing to get to the airport, but nothing sounded fun anymore.  I was freezing and had a screaming headache.  I wanted nothing more that to be home in my warm and cozy bed.  Since I was opposed to walking around historic Charleston anymore, we checked out of the hotel and did a driving tour of Patriot's Point and Mt. Pleasant.  We still got to the airport with plenty of time to spare.

The flight home was uneventful but seemed to take forever as we had to connect through Baltimore.  Go figure.  The minute we got home, I got in a hot bath and just relished the heat.   I got out of the tub and put on my warmest winter PJ's and got in the bed.  It was 8:20 pm.  I got out of the bed at 8:45 pm on Sunday. I had spent 24 hours strait in the bed other than to go to the bathroom.

Poor 65MD checked on me regularly bringing me something to drink, offering to turn on the TV, etc.  All I wanted to do was just lay there.  At some point mid morning, I decided to take my temperature.  I'd had some ibuprofen about 1 1/2 hours before, so I wasn't sure if it would be accurate.  The reading was 99.4, which was a little surprising.  As the day went along I continued to take medication and monitor my temp.  It peaked at 103.8, when I finally called my sister the ER nurse.  She gave me some advice on medicating myself, but the most helpful thing she told me was there was a fever virus going around and it lasts about 48 hours.

I think I have turned the corner now.  My temp was 98.4 this morning.  I still took a sick day from work.  I'll use today to get my head back in the game and I'm sure that tomorrow I'll feel even better and to back to work.

BTW, as of this morning I'm only 2.8 pounds up from before we left.  I'm sure I'll shed that quickly and have a good report on Saturday.


  1. Being sick is no fun! I hope you get to feeling up to your old self! Looks like you needed that rest! Drinking lots of fluids is good too.

    Take care!

  2. ((( hugs ))) Hope you feel better soon! I was fighting something last week & thought I'd won until Thursday when I ended up in bed for 2 days. Fluish with fever but no aches or pains. At first I felt like I was getting a cold. No fun. On day 3 I felt so much better & by day 4 I hardly remembered I'd been sick.

  3. I am so sorry - being sick while traveling is the WORST!! Glad you are feeling better. Charleston is one of my favorite places. Hope this didn't leave a bad impression on you!

  4. SO sorry!! Get better soon!! No fun being sick! You will get those pounds off quickly ~ No doubt!

    Take care my Friend!!

  5. Hey Lori, where are you? It's rare for you to go a week without posting. I missed your Saturday Scale Says and realized it had been too long since I'd heard from you. Are you o.k.??

  6. I am so sorry to hear you've been sick! :( I'm just a *little* behind on my blog reading, so you're probably well again now. At least I hope so! :)