Total Weight Loss

Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Dress

My mother is making my dress for my sister's wedding, as my other sister and I are her attendants.  Since I am busy making cake, my mother agreed to make my dress.  She has some mad skilz when it comes to dressmaking.  Initially when I gave her my measurements, I pulled the tape a little tight to accommodate for weight loss since the wedding was still a couple of months away.  The pattern was unusual in that it had international sizes and measurements.  Even though it had inches as well as centimeters, the sizes didn't make sense.  So she just cut out the dress using her vast experience.  At the initial fitting, the dress fit perfectly.  It was indeed tailor made just for me.  Mad skilz, I say, mad skilz. 

I was a little disappointed that it fit so well because I was losing weight and told her so.  I encouraged her to nip it here and there and she did.  The second fitting, it once again fit perfectly, even though I had lost weight.  She was convinced it would fit fine, although I knew I was still losing.  I felt like I was in the zone with my weight loss and the dress would be too big by the wedding day.  I didn't stress that quite enough however.

Last night I went for the final fitting, the only thing left was to mark the hem.  The dress was WAY too big.  I felt sorry for my mother because she was going to have to take the entire bodice apart and cut it down by at least two inches.  (The skirt is not fitted so it won't matter how much I lose below the waist.)  We were both shocked by the change in my body.  She joked that I was not allowed to lose any more weight between now and the wedding because she would not have time to rework the dress again.  I told her to nip it just a little more than she thinks necessary because I wasn't making any promises.  :)


  1. I just love reports of progress made in ways others than pounds lost. We so focus on pounds when there is so much more to the total picture.

    That wedding better get here quick or you'll lose what sounds like a wonderful seamstress!

  2. i told you, you are a dieting ROCK STAR! love love love it! xoxoxoxoxo

  3. That is SO AWESOME!!!! What a victory! Your poor mother. LOL. Were you always her bratty one? :)