Total Weight Loss

Friday, March 2, 2012

This & That

I've done well complying with the 17DD.  I've yet to give in to that craving for almonds.  My biggest issue has been getting in three cups of green tea.  So far, I've had one each day.  I mentioned to 65MD that I really wasn't fond of green tea, and had gotten a few ideas as to how to make it more palatable.  Adding a 'regular' tea bag seems to be the best option so far.

Ever the supportive husband, he went in search of other alternatives to assist me with enjoying the tea a little more.  He discovered that most folks add something to it.  And he also came home with three varieties of green tea for me to try.  I really, really appreciate the thoughtfulness of that gesture.  He wants me to be successful and he wants to help me get there.  I have got a great husband. I tell him that regularly, I also tell him what a great wife he has!  ;-)

I'm creeping down the scales and I'm trying to be satisfied with that.  I knew in my head that this would be slower than hcg, but my heart still secretly wanted to believe differently. As long as the scales move down, I'm fine.  If I'm making progress, I'm happy. 

I do have one concern though.  My belly is bloated.  I've got that pregnant look again.  I think it is the yogurt.  I didn't eat much dairy, mostly because it isn't a part of the hcg plan, and most of it I could take or leave.  I like yogurt, cheese, etc, but it never has been anything I crave.  When I cut it out for hcg, it was one of the easier things to leave behind.  I never had added it back in.  I'm going to switch to another probiotic over the weekend.  (I'll have to go to the store to get it.)  I'll see if that does the trick. 

I can't help but think that there is weight associated with the belly bulge.  My heart still wants a big drop in pounds and hopes that making a switch will create that.  My head just wants the belly gone again.  BTW, I'm going to the bathroom just fine, so that isn't my problem.  Anyone else experience anything like this?


  1. I've been recommending a great tea to everyone who comments about not liking green. Check it out: I can buy it locally at Whole Foods. It is actually quite tasty. I also use a Lipton decaf lemon and honey green tea in the mornings because it is much cheaper. Not as tasty but perfectly acceptable. My husband has green tea that smells like tobacco!

    Are you eating more veggies and fruit than you were before? Those both make me bloated and gassy, more so than beans, actually.

  2. And I like the Stash brand of Lemon Ginger Green tea--I'd drink it even if I wasn't required to have green tea by 17DD. DH and I just started a five day stint of Cycle I. I didn't experience the belly bloat, but maybe changing up the live culture element will help you. Hope so.