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Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday Mileage

As of the end of the day yesterday, I have just over 165 miles.  I can't believe how much I have enjoyed this challenge.  I love being a part of the team spirit at work, and in blogland.  I've not really done anything like this IRL.  I'm glad I finally summoned the courage and did so.

This challenge has changed me in ways that I did not expect.  Of course, I entered in to it expecting weight loss.  Why, on earth, would I do so otherwise?!?  What I've gotten, in addition to a few pounds gone, is a new approach to goals and challenges.  I love it. 

I love the way this challenge has changed and morphed as it needs to.  In the past, and the way I started, was to calculate the exact number of miles and then steps required each day to meet 1000 miles.  I realized that wasn't going to work and set mini goals throughout the day.  Then I had the Monday issue I discussed earlier.  Now I recognize that on the weekends I'm not meeting my goal at all.  I'm not pouring over my spreadsheet looking for trends.  Instead, I feel it and then confirm or deny the feeling with the spreadsheet.

Initially, I felt like I would easily get in my steps/miles on any given Saturday.  I am up and about during the day doing laundry, grocery shopping, etc.  I'm not tied to a desk all day like I am Monday through Friday.  I've been a little surprised each Saturday at bedtime when I'm short of my goal.  I even took a walk on Saturday trying to bump up the 'natural' steps.  It didn't work.

So, now I've come up with a new plan.  Monday through Friday my goal is to get enough steps to equal 3 miles or more.  Saturday and Sunday combined, my goal is to get 4 miles or more.  It will be a stretch, but I'm up for the challenge.

The old me would have felt a little embarrassed to change my method so many times already during the year.  I would have considered this some sort of failure on some level and I would not want to admit it.  Now I see that I am accepting reality and working to make the challenge doable with my life.  I'm even looking forward to the time when I can blog about getting to the goal described above and setting another one.  This is fun! 


  1. Good going, Lori. I'm all about finding what works for me. It's strange sometimes how few "natural" steps I accrue. One day, I was home, didn't do intentional exercise, but did do laundry and housework, I only had 900 some steps by dinnertime! Not sure whether it was a misfunction (ped not well placed) or too much computer time. Fortunately, I can definitely add steps if I'm intentional about it.

  2. Hope you don't get tired of my "promises" with respect to your steps, but I keep promising this will get easier and more natural over time. It becomes engrained and you just KNOW what activities equate to how many steps or what you have to do on a given day to meet your goal. But as I've reminded you before, it took me at least a year (maybe longer, don't remember) for it to truly become a natural part of me.

  3. I thinking about what to do on my weekends for exercise. During the week it's good....but on weekends I'm rather slack. Must think of ways to get in exercise. Maybe yardwork.

  4. life is a work in progress and adjusting is a good thing! so glad you are being felxible and letting yourself enjoy the process! xoxoxoxo

  5. You can so do this my Friend. You've got this!!!!

    Keep up the great work and stay focused!!!