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Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Sudden Change

Yesterday, due to the threat of severe weather our office closed at noon.  The storm was predicted to arrive at 2:00 CST, but didn't arrive until 4:00 to 4:30 in our area.  All that to say, I got home just after 12:00 and had a fabulous, spot on day with eating.  I found myself a little envious of my 'stay at home' friends.  I thought if I could stay at home, I could do so much better with my eating.  I wouldn't have to try and guess how hungry I might be or how much protein would satisfy me.  I could more easily use the hunger/fullness scale discussed in the book, and just be a little more in tune with my body and its cycles rather than the clock and the office cycles.  Alas, that isn't going to happen any time soon, so I'm thankful for little bright spots like yesterday.

As I said, I did great.  So, I was quite surprised by  the turn of events yesterday.  The bloating and belly distention that I mentioned yesterday continued in to the evening.  After the storm passed and we assessed the damage (which I'll mention at the end for those that care to read it), 65MD and I decided to watch  some netflix.  I made myself some peach flavored green tea and a nice little nest on the couch.  I settled in for some relaxation.  As I lay there, I had one hand resting on my tummy and I began to feel rumblings both internally and externally with my hand.  The rumblings got louder and louder.  We had to turn up the volume just to hear over that noise.

I won't get in to what happened next, it wasn't pretty.  I've never been lactose intolerant before.  I don't know if this is a normal occurrence after adding dairy back or if I've been mildly lactose intolerant all along and just didn't realize it.  It really doesn't matter, because I'm not doing that again!  I had already decided to find another probiotic.  This morning when the scales bounced up, it sealed the deal for me.  I can't do this anymore. 

I am sorely disappointed.  I really thought this was the way for me.  I might try again down the road away, but right now I have a wedding in my near future.  I can't be bloated for that.  I have some hcg so, I'm going to do that between now and the wedding.  I'll use this time to contemplate my next step.  It could be tweaking the 17 Day Diet a bit, or something else.  I don't know yet.

**Storm News**
We have golf ball sized hail pummel us for several minutes yesterday afternoon.  We spent some time in the basement (coal bunker) and emerged unharmed physically.  We lost two dining room windows since they are on the west side of the house; some guttering, which is scattered in tiny pieces all over the yard, and both cars are dented, along with the usual tree limbs down.  The only thing that makes me a little sad is that the shiny, freshly restored '65 Mustang got some dents from the hail.  Otherwise, I am extremely grateful.  Hearing those hailstones hit the house was a sound I don't want to hear again.  Here's a shot of some partially melted hail, along with a pen for perspective.


  1. My husband is lactose intolerant and yogurt, because of the probiotics and live cultures, doesn't usually bother him. But I guess everyone reacts differently. You can also try taking something like lactaid. That should work if it is lactose intolerance.

  2. It's amazing how terrible the weather is all over the world. Australia (in the area where I live!) had the biggest worse Cyclone in our history and that was very scary. My hubby has to watch how much dairy he consumes as it plays up with him too. We use soy instead of dairy. He'll have some dairy, but not overload.

  3. Wow crazy, I'm glad you're safe. And I hope that you feel better soon - you think it was dairy, eh? I've done elimination diets and my problems are with gluten and eggs. The eggs part isn't easy, but I feel so much better (and my skin is much better) w/ them.

  4. glad you're ok stormwise and these new programs always have a learning curve, so the next one/time you'll be better prepared.
    hang in there! xoxoxoxoxo

  5. So sorry about your tummy, I hope you get to feeling better soon!!

    Also really sorry about your storm damage. I hope things get restored soon!!

    Keep focused!

  6. Wow, that hail storm sounds really scary. Sorry for the damage to your house and car, but very glad you two stayed safe. I was lactose intolerant when we lived in Italy--the cream they used in the cappuccino's seemed to be a key culprit, but after a month or two of lactaid all sensitivity to milk products went away. Not fun, though--good thing you were home at the time.