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Thursday, November 8, 2012

65MD Eats Pizza

Since 65MD is trying to trim a few pounds (and doing so quite successfully), he's also facing some of the mind battles we all do on this journey.

One of 65MD's favorite foods is pizza.  He'll eat pizza just about anyway it is prepared from just about any vendor.  He's had pizza on the brain lately.  He's tried to calculate how many calories per slice is favorite pizza is and how many slices he can have per day and not exceed his calorie limit.

He was formulating a plan in which he bought a pizza and froze the individual slices and took one to work each day for lunch.  I could see how the math worked and it would fit in to his calories, but I also know the pitfalls of having a whole lot of a taboo food around.

I remembered making cauliflower pizza some time ago using Lyn's recipe over at Escape from Obesity.  I asked 65MD if he would be willing to try it.  He eagerly agreed;  a little too eagerly.  It made me realize just how much he wanted pizza and if this missed the mark, he'd probably rush out to Papa John's before I could stop him.

I use a few of Lyn's recipes regularly, and as I said had tried this one once with success.  But, that was different.  I know what it is like to have those taste sensations in mind and how frustrating it is when reality doesn't match.  I forged ahead because, that's how I am.

I made a full size pizza with several meat toppings because the P90X plan is low carb so I could indulge as well.  Here is a shot of it.
After making the whole pizza, I had enough of everything to make another one just as large.  I told 65MD so, and that I hoped he liked because we'd probably have it again.  We each ate two slices initially.  That was plenty for me and left half of the pizza.  I laughed and told him that we were going to have this at least one more time even if I didn't make another one.  He said that he'd gladly eat it again, but wasn't finished yet.  He ate a third slice!  He polished the rest of it off the next night. He did say that he missed the bread but it wasn't worth it to eat it since this was so good.  This will definitely be added to the rotation in our household.  Thanks Lyn!


  1. yeah lyn is a doll! she's much more adventurous food wise than me and so are you! lol i just take a slice when my roomies order and eat the toppins.........there's also an italian resturant that does a crustless pizza in a metal dish i enjoy. simple layer the ingredients and bake till bubbly, YUMMY!

  2. That actually looks pretty good! Never heard of cauliflower pizza.

  3. Glad you found something that works instead of the traditional pizza.

  4. Wow, I'll have to look at that recipe! Looks yummy!

  5. Oh my! This looks AND sounds yummy! I will have to try it for sure!

  6. I'm glad you both enjoyed it! Thanks for the shout out :)