Total Weight Loss

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Still Struggling

Folks, I'm sorry to report that I am still having a hard time.  I haven't had any more meltdowns like I did on Sunday so maybe that is progress.  I have spent a lot of time trying to be completely honest with myself by asking questions like:
*"Are you really giving it your all during the workout?"
*"Are you honestly recording your food?  All of it?"
*"Are you willing to do the hard stuff to get the reward?"
I truly believe that the answer to all those questions is "YES!"

During my workouts this week, I did my very best all the time.  I don't think I was slacking off before, but I really, really concentrated on pushing myself.  I've kept up with my food intake diligently.  The only thing that could possibly be a problem there is not enough food, specifically protein.  I am working hard, very hard to get the results I want.

What I need to do now, I think is adjust my expectations and wait.  I need to wait for my body to finally get it and drop the pounds.  I've done a lot of crazy things in the name of weight loss and my body could just be freaked out by yet another change.  This one is right.  This one is sane.  This one has slipped in to my lifestyle more easily than others.  This one feels different mentally.

I am envisioning myself as the chubby little caterpillar now.  I'm spinning my cocoon.  While I'm in there, I'll work my plan with all my might.  The fat and flab will slip away and toned and healthy body will emerge. 

Right now, literally, I'm putting on more and more layers as the cold weather comes to my area.  That is my cocoon.  In the spring when the weather warms and I no longer need layers of clothing to keep warm, I'll shed them.  And just like the butterfly emerges with bright colorful wings, I will emerge in a lithe and graceful body.  Wait and see.


  1. It's so rough. I'm sorry you're mentally struggling. It truly does sound like you are doing all you can do and know to do!

  2. darlin i'm with you, just stay focused and dont give up! BIG hugs!

  3. We all have these set backs and struggles. The important thing is to keep moving forward! YOu got this!

  4. Just keep hitting play and go through those workouts and make sure your sugar intake is low.