Total Weight Loss

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Almost NSV

I have to share this funny story, probably giving too much insight into my psyche, but humorous none the less.

On Sunday, just before walking in to the auditorium for worship, I'd stopped by the ladies' room.  I checked the mirror to be sure my clothes were straight before exiting and thought that perhaps, just perhaps my outfit was a bit slimming.  And that just maybe all the workouts were beginning to show.

As I approached my seat, with that in mind, a kind gentleman whom I've known for 20+ years asked if someone 'had been whittling on me.'  I immediately felt as though my thoughts just moments earlier were being confirmed and smiled broadly at this.  Instead of thanking him, however, I said "Whittling on me?" because I did not want to automatically assume that is what he meant.  He gestured to the bandages from the surgery last week and said "Yes, right there.  Whose been whittling on you?"  I thanked him for his concern and explained that a suspicious spot had been removed and that all was well.  He expressed his pleasure that all was well and we went on our respective ways.

I breathed a sigh of relief that I had not automatically thanked him for noticing the minuscule weight loss and maybe even sharing how hard it had been.  That would have been embarrassing for both of us!

Oh well, soon enough I'll have that NSV where someone will notice my slimmer figure.  One day, it will happen.


  1. That story made me smile, but then immediately served as a reminder to me that I have such a tendency for everything to revolve around my weight and I would have assumed exactly the same thing you did. Not so sure I'd have done as good a job keeping my mouth shut!!

  2. LOL. Man, my heart would've dropped a tad after he walked off, though. I would've been thinking the same thing you were thinking!

  3. Enjoyed that story. Frames of reference will get you in trouble sometimes.

  4. LOL! Whew! What a great story. We're a lot alike, I think.

  5. Ha! That would have been me, too! A similar incident (not weight related) happened to me last night.

  6. lol love that, of course when spirit "checks" us it can be funny or "NOT" glad you can see the humor in it, that means you're in a good place mentally! xoxoxoxoxoxo