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Thursday, April 11, 2013

In the Groove or In a Rut?

I had a strange week this week with a lot of appointments and work outside of my cozy little home office.  It was fine.  We had wonderful weather and I was glad to be out in it.  I was a little worried initially because I'm not used to taking food with me any more.  I plan my meals and eat at home the vast majority of the time now.  I made it work.  I did not use this as an excuse to eat off plan.  I just did what I needed to do without really considering eating off plan.

I was discussing this with my sister, who had gastric by-pass surgery about 10 years ago.  She has kept most of her weight off but still yo-yos those last few.  I'm not sure how many maybe 10.  Anyway, as we were discussing our various weight loss strategies, she said the only way for her to be successful was to "get into a rut."  By that she meant doing the same thing over and over without much thought, making it a natural part of her life.

I laughed because I have said many times, that I needed to "get in to the groove" meaning much the same thing.  I told her that I liked my terminology better because it doesn't sound like a bad thing.  Getting in a rut seems to me something that needs to be remedied, not something for which to aim. 

At any rate, we agreed that we were in good places right now.  That is always a good thing.


  1. Definitely the groove. Rut sounds sad, like get out of it! Lol Glad you managed your busy week. Funny how life tends to get busy in spurts... it all hits at once!

  2. I agree - call it what you will, but I've learned that for me an extreme variety of food and a constant striving to find and fix new things doesn't work. It's too much time thinking and fixating on food. I like my rut of a few simple meals that I rotate.

    1. You said it in a much more articulate way. That is totally what I meant to say.

  3. lol into the groove DEFINATELY! and i do understand her strayegy sometimes if i've been really bad i need a week of eating the same thing everyday/meal to stop "wanting"

  4. I agree too. Falling back to basic habits can be very comforting and easy, if they are *good* habits/foods!