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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Some Better

I'm doing my best to let the dress fiasco go and just move forward.  I am hoping to go shopping tomorrow with my niece and then I'll either feel much better or go totally over the edge!

I was pleased this morning to be able to put on a pair of jeans straight from the dryer without a struggle to button or zip.  They are size 16 and the dress is 14.  I just have to manage my expectations while shopping.  I'll start at 16 and move up or down accordingly.  Some manufacturers have such different sizing.  At least now I have a starting point.  Maybe I'll have good news to share over the weekend or Monday at the latest.


  1. I wish you the best of luck with dress hunting! I hate how sizes vary so much from one brand to the next. It can be such a bummer... or a point of excitement. Lol Enjoy your time with your niece!

  2. Knowing your community as I do, I'm trying to imagine where I think you'll shop. You've got lots of choices. Hope to see a picture of the results!

  3. just enjoy the shopping and find something to wear as beautiful as the lady wearing it! (if that's possible?)

  4. Now THAT is a woohoo moment!! A pair of familiar jeans don't lie - especially from the dryer.

  5. Lori, thank you SO much for being a faithful reader! I really do appreciate it. Your encouragement goes a long way! D
    Just catching up on my blog reading...