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Friday, May 31, 2013

A Different Kind of Fast

*Disclaimer*  This post really doesn't have anything to do with my weight loss journey.  65MD and I are embarking on a mini challenge and I want to document it.  Since I have 4 email accounts and two blogs I really did not want to start another one for such a short time period.  I'll continue to post about my weight loss journey here and for the next 30 days sprinkle in a post about this new endeavor.

The hubs and I have decided to fast from grocery shopping during the month of June.  The catalyst being we had a food drive at church recently and we filled two grocery bags with very good food without going to the store.  Two people don't need to have that much food in the house.  I began to wonder about the gluttony of it even if it wasn't eaten.  I was ashamed, in a way, because I was giving out of my abundance.  65MD and I are by no means wealthy.  We live within our income which is more than a lot of people are able to do.

This fast may not impact our eating habits, since we still have a lot of food in the house.  We have a garden with asparagus and lettuce right now.  Green beans will follow soon enough.  We will be using that for our fresh produce.  We have plenty of a variety of meat frozen.  We will not go hungry because of it.

We might find ourselves eating meals of unusual combinations.  We will likely eat meals that aren't our first choice since that particular item may be gone.  That is what I want.  When we run out of an item, we will do without it until July 1. I want us to feel a bit of a pinch and know that others live like this all of the time.

I doubt this will be life changing but I do think at least for a season we will have our awareness raised.  And, I think this will be an interesting time for us.  I'm excited for what we may learn.


  1. it shall be life changing because you'll break the run to the store for one item mind set most have. BRAVO what a great idea! i'd love to do it but alas I have no garden and nothing in bulk I have some chicken slices, a can of chili, wheat thins, 2 cans of tuna, dill relish, mayo, mustard, and worchestershire sauce LITERALLY! lolol of course tomorrow we're havin a cookout yet to be shopped for but that has to last me til wed since i'm on vaca and blowin money like mad!

    1. Timothy,
      It sounds like you are already practicing what we want to teach ourselves.

  2. Well this sounds like a good plan and a neat little experiment. I'm looking forward to hearing about how it's going. We do this from time-to-time. If we notice cabinets/fridge/freezer getting too full, I make my meal plans around what is already on hand. Then things are much more bare and able to hold new groceries! :)

  3. We do this on some level fairly frequently. I am fortunate to have a large pantry and it is easy to get it too full. The staples in it will never go bad, but it's like you say, there's just no sense in it. I think it's a great idea from several perspectives. Keep us posted on how it goes!

  4. Read your comment on Holly's blog about wanting to wear your "medium" tag on the OUTSIDE. I wrote a blog a while back about going to the dentist in my new blouse, and the dental assistant noticing my tag, which I had forgotten to cut off, as she was putting on my bib. She offered to cut it off, and when she did, I hoped she noticed it was a a size MEDIUM. But her comment? "Oh Dress Barn. My mom shops there." Just made me feel OLD! LOLOL