Total Weight Loss

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I'm Back, Baby!

We had a sweet wedding on Sunday and the last of our guests left yesterday.  It was a lovely affair.  The bride and groom were pleased and that is all that matters.

Over the weekend, I ate what was prepared and tried not to freak out about the number of carbs.   I believe that that indulgences should be a part of a healthy eating plan but this was beyond that.  I did not pig out.  I just didn't have good options.  One meal was an Italian Feast.  Need I say more?

I ate small portions including small amounts of dessert.   Honestly, I could have done better, but at the same time, I feel good about my choices.  I could have used the weekend to throw caution to the wind and eat up.  I deliberately opted not to.  It wasn't that hard.  Especially since I was allowing myself very carefully selected treats.

I gained 8 lbs.  I don't feel bloated and gross like I have in times past when I've simply had too much.  Obviously gaining that much weight in that short of time screams water.  Add to that, the fact that I don't feel like I've been beaten I have to agree.

Yet, I ate carbs including sugar, so I will have to detox.  I started today by fasting.  I had to.  I had to jump in the deep end of the pool with both feet.  The wedding is over and life is returning to its typical pattern.  This is a clear sign to my digestive system that it is time to get back to the business of weight loss.

It will, and I'll document it here.


  1. glad you had a good time and glad you jumped back in without beatin yourself up! you'll drop that weight quickly and be back to losin actual weight soon!

  2. Good for you for jumping right back in. :)

  3. Your body obviously really holds on to water. That is such a high gain for so few days. But it'll be gone soon, so yay for that! I'm glad to hear you allowed yourself some enjoyment with your food without guilt. That's great. Happy that the wedding went well.