Total Weight Loss

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Hello, Again!

I'm back after an impromptu trip to the lake earlier this week.  We were totally cut off; no cell phones, no wifi, no nothin'!  It was great.  It was freeing to not be burdened by the need to check email and status updates.

We're back now; refreshed and relaxed.  I was a little concerned about my readers missing me since I disappeared without notice.  If anyone missed me, no one said anything.  As I went back to catch up on the blogs I like, so many were saying "I'm back."  So, I'm left to conclude that lots of us took mini vacations and now we're back.  Sadly, I lost one reader.  I don't look at that very often, so it could have happened before my disappearing act.

I had a bit of a gain while I was gone.  That is on top of not getting all of the wedding weekend weight off.  I will.  I have three weeks before going to see my sister for a long weekend.  My goal is to have lost all of the regain and then some before leaving town.  Visiting her, should not create any regain.  She's a healthy eater.

That's it for now.  


  1. Funny. I did notice you missing about 4 days ago and kept meaning to email you but always got too distracted to sit down and do so. :) Welcome home! Glad you got a break from all the realities of life. :)

  2. I always figure you're doin what you need to and it's also a bit of a YES when I see a new post from you!glad you had a good time you need that on occasion and glad you're back!

  3. Welcome "back" :) So good to have some refreshment and relaxation time. Good for the soul! best wishes on your next goal my dear. You can do it!