Total Weight Loss

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April Stats

This morning I weighed and measured finally on the actual first day of the month rather than a few days in.  During April I lost a whopping 14.4 lbs and 6.6 inches off my body!!  That makes up for the dress fiasco. 

Speaking of dresses, here is the one I am returning:

I left the flash on because I'm not wearing any makeup and I still have enough self esteem that I want to look good in public! 

We are in full wedding mode around here.  A few of the guests will be staying with us for the wedding weekend, so I'm frantically sweeping the cob webs out of the corners and polishing everything in sight.  Maybe I could just blind them with camera flashes and save myself a lot of trouble.  LOL!!

I'll check in as I can.  Don't panic if I'm not around as much as usual.  Know that I am enjoying myself with all of the festivities.


  1. Well, hot dog, lady!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS. I hope you do enjoy all of your festivities. Have a great time.

  2. From what I can see, that dress looks gorgeous! Shame you had to return it (but I know the feeling... I often want dresses that look good on me but I obviously will never wear anywhere, haha, so back on the rack they go!)

  3. well I LOVE the dress but as a plus you'd only be able to wear it for a short time before it got too big anyway! enjoy your company and have a glorious weekend!

  4. congrats on your success! keep up the good work! :)