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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Last Days

65MD and I are in the final week of our grocery store fast.  We are going to make it with no problem.  This whole experiment has turned out differently than I thought it would.  I thought we'd run out of more food, and I thought we'd be making substitutions and laughing about strange meal combinations.  I thought at this point, I'd be counting the days, hours and maybe even minutes until I could get to the store.

Hardly any of that has happened.  We have run out of a few things.  I've mentioned each of them as it has happened.  We haven't eaten strange combinations of food.  And I'm not chomping at the bit to go to the store.  Quite the opposite.

I've enjoyed the freedom to NOT scour the newspaper for sales and coupons.  I've enjoyed a little extra time during the week,when I'd otherwise be in the store.  I really doubt that I'll be at the store when the doors open on July 1.  In fact, the earliest I'll probably go is Thursday since I'll have the baby earlier in the week.  That is fine.  If I don't go until the week after, that is fine too!

The coolest thing that has happened this month is that 65MD has lost weight.  Of course, he drops pounds easily, but it is still a happy occurrence.  I expect to end the month with a loss too.  I'll report all of that on July 1, when I report my monthly stats.

I have a list what we want from the store next week.  Honestly, I can't think of anything we need from the store next week.  This has been a good experiment for us.  Especially since it turned out in such a different way than expected.


  1. that's wonderful and I bet your want list isn't that long either!

  2. So neat that it has turned out so good for you! Such a fun challenge!

  3. I think it has been the most wonderful experiment and sounds as if it has provided valuable information for you. I also realized I was spending way too much time in the grocery store and it was translating into finding "sales" of things I didn't need to buy or eat!

  4. Good idea! I usually do this in January, after all the holiday expenses ... but I'm not as dedicated as you are! Hmmm, good idea. I hate wasting.
    TY for visiting & commenting on my blog. I've been so busy - haven't had much time for blog-hopping. I appreciate you reaching out with encouragement!

  5. Very clever. I`ll give this a try myself.