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Monday, October 27, 2014

Getting Stronger

I'm here and getting better every day.  However, now I have a fuller understanding of what "getting better" means to someone that has had major surgery.  It certainly doesn't mean "well."

I feel fairly good in the middle of the day and I see now that my challenge will be pacing myself.  Twice now, I've felt good enough to start something like laundry and then not be able to finish it!

I'm learning that I can live just fine without a plan.  I like to plan.  I like a schedule.  I find a lot of comfort in knowing what is coming next and what is expected of me.  I haven't had that for a month and may not for a while longer.  It is an unexpected growth experience for me.

My last therapy appointment is today.  I see the surgeon on Wednesday.  He will decide if I need more therapy, if I can start driving again, etc.  My therapist said she expects him to order more sessions.

While I am improving, I am not hitting the benchmarks I should with walking.  (See the first paragraph.  :))  The problem with my hip was congenital.  So, I've been walking the best way I could for a very long time!  Now that I have a hip that functions properly, I am having to learn how to use it.  I know what to do and it is much better when I actually do it.  It takes a lot of concentration to  swing my leg from my hip and not swing my body forward.

I'll get there because I am motivated.  It looks like it is going to take longer than I want, but I will still get there.  

Maybe there is an application to weight loss here...hmmm...


  1. Keep your head up! No matter how small progress may seem to us, it's still progress and moving you in the right direction! Keep your positive attitude and you will get there!

  2. mayhaps that's the "AHA" moment you just had there! still sendin you energy/prayers just do one day at a time and it'll all come out in the wash as my granny used to say. xoxo

  3. Glad to hear you are still at it and doing better! Hey, starting the laundry is the hardest part for me. LOL Good job!

  4. Sometimes all we need is a little motivation and it sounds like you've got some. Just keep it up, it'll happen! Enjoy the journey!

  5. I hear you! So hard giving up control. I go by the motto, "let go and let God". It goes against everything in my body, mind and soul. But I've found it's better to do what I can and then let go and see where He leads. So glad you are making progress. Baby steps!