Total Weight Loss

Thursday, October 30, 2014

What I CAN Do

One month ago today, I got new hardware implanted in my right hip and embarked upon the hardest chapter in my life physically.  Even though I thought I had educated myself on what to expect, I was quite far off the mark.  I don't know how people do this a second time for the other hip and hip is the 'easy' one compared to knees.  I shudder just thinking about it.  

I came home from the hospital with a list of "Don'ts" like don't drive, don't bend past 90 degrees, don't cross the newly replaced hip leg over the mid-line of your body, don't turn toes inward, don't take a bath, don't lay on the surgical side, don't, don't don't.  At that time, I didn't care.  Why did I need to drive?  I was worried about walking to the bathroom.  Forget about driving!!

As I have healed, I have shed a restriction or two.  But all of those listed about remain.  Most will remain for 6 months!  (Except the driving, and that is the one I'm most happy NOT to do.  I hate driving!)  I know it is going to be harder and harder as I feel better and better not to forget and bend past 90 degrees or roll onto my right side in my sleep.  I could let these "Don'ts" consume me.  Instead, I am trying to think of what I can DO.

I can still work several hours per day since I work from home.  I can walk anywhere I want to in the house, and I'm getting better at stairs.  I can dress myself all but tying my shoes. Most importantly, I am learning to pace myself and live without scheduling every moment of my life.  Still, I want to move forward in the weight loss arena too.

When I first came home I was suffering horrible digestive issues which were a very common side effect to the pain meds.  My appetite was incredibly small.  And I wanted blueberries and orange juice.  I felt like I couldn't get enough but there is still at least 1/2 gallon of OJ in the refrigerator now, so I only drank less than 1/2 gallon since 65MD had some as well.  I felt like those were good choices.  I felt like there must be something in blueberries that my body needed to heal.  I went with it.

In addition to the diminished capacity & appetite, friends and family were bringing over food regularly.  It was great, especially for 65MD since it was one last thing he had to think about.  That took away my choices as to fat/carbs/calories but I didn't care, especially since I was eating so little.  Now the food is mostly gone.  I think there is about one bowl of soup left.  It is time to figure out what I can DO to get back on the weight loss train.

I don't want to look back at this time and feel like I wasted an opportunity to lose weight. ( I'll confess here, that I had hoped that the weight would just fall off while I was so sick but it didn't!)  I don't have the mental toughness now to fully engage in a weight loss plan.  Physically, I can only do therapy.  (Which I'd also hoped would help with the pounds!)  So, with inspiration from Holly at 300 pounds down I realized that I don't have to embark on an all out attack.  I can do one thing and it can be a very small thing.  All that matters is I do it, and I do it consistently.

I picked drinking water.  On Tuesday, I had this epiphany. I started drinking water.  I'm not counting ounces or glasses, I'm just opting for water during the day as my drink of choice.  It feels good.  It feels like I am taking control of my body again!

I weighed this morning.  I've lost 2.2 pounds since surgery.  I haven't decided what I am going to do about weighing or goal setting, other than giving myself a great big break.  If, when I weigh, whenever that is, the scales are down, that is all I want.  If between now and November 30, I lose another 2.2 pounds, I'll be thrilled.  Right now, I'm just drinking water.  That is all, drinking water.


  1. Keep up the good work! Hope each day brings new victories!


  2. gotta love those non-scale victories. life will take care of its self and you're gonna be fine, you already are!

  3. Water is a great thing to start out with. In fact, before reading your post I was sitting here thinking I NEED WATER. Thanks for the motivation! :) And yes, they do say the hip is the "easy one." I think I even told you that. Maybe yours was tougher because of the congenital defect? Bless your heart! I know a lady at our church had her knee done and said she will NOT have the other knee done. She has completely refused. Lol

  4. Hang in there Lori! You're in a tough spot right now. Dealing with healing and weigh loss can be a juggling act. You have a great outlook on it, a loss is still a loss.

  5. Good for you Lori!!! Awesome job! Break it down into doable pieces! Drinking water is an awesome choice!

    I'm glad you're healing - it's a rough rod!