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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Ramblings on Being Better

I am improving.  The road to recovery is long and I knew that going in.  Yesterday, I felt like I'd had a good day.  I got out of the bed and sat in the chair a couple of times during the day.  That felt great.  I wanted to watch the football game sitting up, but it became clear early on that wasn't a reasonable expectation.  I watched most of the game from the comfort of my bed and did so guilt free!

Since I felt so good during the afternoon and throughout the game, I decided to sit at the table for supper.  That was a huge mistake.  Although all I had done was maneuver myself to the kitchen table and sit down, I was sweating like I'd run a marathon in 100 degree weather.  Sweat was literally rolling down my body like I was in a shower.

65MD closed the curtains and I stripped naked!!  I told him, that I was sure this was a dream come true for him, just not quite the way he'd imagined.  As hard as I tried to hold on to my humor and make the best of the situation, I couldn't.  I broke down sobbing.  Talk about a major mood swing!!  It was all I could do to hold on and I was trying to keep some control over myself.

I ate a tiny piece of baked chicken, a tablespoon or two of mashed potatoes and a few peas.  Then I got sick.  Every bit of what I'd managed to choke down came back up.  I think the pain meds I am on are to blame for the mood swings and messed up digestion.  (TMI, but I haven't pooped since pre surgery.)  

My blood sugar was all over the place while I was in the hospital.  I am not diabetic and the doctor says that the high readings are the result of surgical trauma.  He's not as concerned as I am, although he is requiring me to check my glucose each morning.  I had two days of normal readings at home and now it is up again.  Just a tick outside the normal level, but still too high.

For now, my goals are small and have nothing to do with weight loss.  My goals are:
*Sit up for only as long as it feels good
*Eat what is healthy and nutritious
*Nap when I am sleepy
*Take medication on time

It will be a few weeks before my goals will be anything much different than those listed above.  That's OK. I'll continue to get stronger and feel better and that is what matters.

And I want to give a great big shout out to Timothy for mentioning me on his blog.  I appreciate every one's prayers on my behalf!


  1. Girl, I couldn't help but DIE laughing about you saying that was probably his dream! LOL If your kitchen chair is hard, maybe that isn't a good choice for now??? I know DM would sit in his hard kitchen chair and smoke all day and then end up in such severe pain he could barely move for the entire night/next day. As far as no BM since pre-surgery, have you called your doctor's office and left the nurse a note about that? If not, you really need to. If you keep delaying it, it is going to hurt to have a constipated BM with a bum (no pun intended!!!) hip. MiraLax (or the generic) is very good for constipation. Almost all doctors will recommend that. If you'd rather, take Sugar Free metamucil (or generic of it). In my experience, that worked faster than the MiraLax and didn't leave me as bloated. Drink some of that and take waters. This could also be why you can't handle your food well. Your body is probably backed up and not accepting it well!

    1. Staci,
      I am on a cocktail of stool softeners/fiber. It is a major side effect of my pain med. I've been taking something since before surgery. The plan was to prevent this, but that didn't happen. I am not yet to the point where I feel the need but can't. I'm comfortable except for the nausea when eating.

      My chair is nicely padded and I have an extra pillow in it. I am trying very hard to listen to my body and respond to what it is telling me and not be a hero for sitting up longer than I need to,etc.

    2. Good girl on the padded chair. Hopefully the GI cocktail and stool softeners will kick in soon. Def don't need any more misery to be added on top of the hip.

  2. Sounds like you have your priorities straight; focus on getting better first, weight loss is secondary to overall health.

    I just found your blog. I'm adding you to my blogroll and I hope you will consider adding me to yours.

  3. Don't overdo it! Take the time you need to heal!!!!

  4. hang in hon, and I was glad to send those prayers your way! as for the non-poop issue. I run into that often when I do really low carb mayhaps you're simply not eating enough to require a bowel movement. it is after all the excess waste we evacuate.......drink plenty of water and maybe a glass of prune juice or simply eat a few prunes. my granny swore by em. lol

    1. Thanks for the reminder about prunes. My granny swore by them too.