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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I Pooped in the Potty!

Several years ago there was a TV commercial for ToysRUs, that was based on an actual occurrence in the store.

I little girl comes in the store carried by her dad.  She tells every one that she sees, "I pooped in the potty."  Since the child's parents had told her if she pooped in the potty she could have a new toy.  She did, so she was collecting her reward.  As they went to pay for the new toy, there was a long line and she said, "A lot of people pooped in the potty today."

It was such a popular commercial that there were news segments about making the commercial and how that really happened.  Parents often use rewards to enforce positive behavior so that wasn't a surprise, but the little girl thinking that everyone was collecting a reward was the kicker.

Most of the time, people poop in the potty and no one thinks anything about it.  No one needs to rush out to the local toy store for a reward.  Sometimes, though, something that routine although unmentionable in polite company, rises to more epic proportions.  Pooping has for me this week.  

It is quite normal for the digestive system to become very sluggish after surgery.  It is caused by pain meds and anesthesia and diminished appetite.  The longer one goes without going the more opportunity for complications.  Being the overachiever that I am, I was determined not to have any of those complications.

Once, my good friend Timothy reminded me of the curative powers of prunes, I sent 65MD out for some.  Thy did as expected and I can check another box off my list of 'road to recovery' items.


  1. WOO HOO! see if everyone would just listen I could rule the world and make it a much better place! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  2. Lol, I am so proud of you. I'm glad you didn't post blog pics, though. Ha! I don't remember that commercial, but that is way too cute.

  3. Haha. Hey, look. I'm happy if I'm regular. Sometimes I feel that same poop in potty joy and I'm way past being a toddler. LOL.