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Monday, November 10, 2014

Another CAN Do Item

I'm doing much better with the water since I got a lot of helpful tips from my readers.  The best thing about drinking water is not tracking it!  If something happens, and I don't get with it first thing in the morning, I don't feel like I've blown it and give up.  I simply go get some water and drink it.

I haven't been nearly as well with the low carb eating.  Committing to eat low carb was a knee jerk reaction from seeing my behind accidentally.  I thought I was doing well by making that declaration rather than saying I was never going to eat again, or eat only on Tuesdays or some other irrational, unsustainable plan.

Even with my more moderate stance, I knew I really needed to get my head in the game.  I just haven't.  The home delivered meals have stopped, but we still have tons of leftovers.  It is all good food.  It isn't like people have been bringing over boxes of donuts or ice cream. Most people have brought one dish meals like lasagna or meat & veggie meals, or soup/chili.  One person even brought us salad!  A couple of people brought brownies and one person brought a chocolate pie.

To me, that is all reasonable food.  It is the sort of food that people without weight issues eat and move on.  I perceive that is what I am doing too.  But, when I made a declaration to eat low carb, it eliminated most of the food in my house right now!

Rather than try and force myself in to a plan that isn't going to work right now, I decided to figure out what I CAN do.  I don't want to feel bad about myself and the choices I make (or screw ups) and let that dictate how I feel about myself and my body.  I'm not mentally tough enough right now.

What I CAN do, is write down what I eat.  I am simply making a list of it.  I am not weighing, measuring, counting calories, fat grams or carbs.  I am writing it down.  That is all.  (I'm also writing down the time I eat.)  I'm thinking in time, I'll have a better idea of my eating patterns and where to make changes.  Small changes in the right direction.  No more wholesale, none of this or all of that.

My mother lists her food.  She insists that it helps keep her in check because sometimes she doesn't want to write down that she ate this or that so she doesn't eat it!  I should be so lucky.

Today, there are two things I CAN do to move along the road to better health:
1.  Drink water
2.  List my food
That is what I WILL do.

For the record, this is the last week of physical therapy.  I hope to be driving by the end of the week. :)  


  1. Sounds like a good plan to me!!! There's a quote on my blog that I really think of a lot - particularly when things seem overwhelming.

    If you remember nothing else, remember this: the game is won – or lost – not by the infrequent big changes, but by the frequent, deliberate, and repeatable small ones. This is where grit comes in.
    ~Peter Attia

  2. you may not be doing it as you envisioned but I'd say you ARE in the game and doin pretty gosh darn well! just keep makin it one day at a time and before you know it you'll be "THERE"

  3. I am lowcarb and it's an all or nothing thing. To get your body into that burning fat place you can't cheat so starting when you're not ready isn't a great idea. It's good that you figured out what you are capable of now and run with it. I'm sure journaling will give you a clearer look at what and how often you're eating. Just keep trying, that's the key to success!