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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

My CAN Do Plan

I've been rocking right along with my CAN Do plan.  It isn't hard when there are really no standards to measure against.  :)

My three CAN do items are:
1.  Drink water
2.  Keep a food list
3.  Do therapy (6 exercises to do at home to continue to strengthen my right hip area)

These three things I've committed to do each day.  I have done each one successfully.  Sometimes I just drink one glass of water or write down what I've eaten hours afterwards.  It still counts since the goals are so broad.  

The scales have not responded.  Honestly, I didn't expect much.  I knew when I started this, that these would be baby steps in the right direction.  I knew that more steps of whatever size would still need to happen to see meaningful progress.  I have learned from the food lists that I really need to eat more vegetables.  Adding at least one vegetable per day is another small step forward.  I'll continue in this manner for as long as I need to.  It feels comfortable.

Sometimes, it feels a little too comfortable.  Sometimes, I get concerned that I'm fiddling while Rome burns.  We all know that the scales are not an accurate measure.  And until I ran across this article, the scales were all I had.  I encourage reading it as the author does a much better job of explaining those weight fluctuations than me.

Briefly, the article states that the fluctuations have to do with fluid/sodium intake or carb intake, among other factors including the cycles of the body.  It further states that in addition to the scales that three waist measures be taken:  one at the belly button, one two inches above the belly button and one two inches below it.  The measures in tandem with the scales show a more accurate picture of what is happening in the weight loss arena.  Read it.  There is also a chart at the bottom of the article suggesting how to make changes depending on the results.

So, as of today I am making Wednesday a weigh-in and waist measure day.  I'll report my progress each week and continue to take steps forward no matter how small. 

This is my new CAN Do list:
1.  Drink water
2.  Keep a food list and eat one vegetable each day
3.  Do therapy
4.  Weigh & measure on Wednesday


  1. If you want a plan to work you have to work the plan. Great job!

  2. Sounds reasonable, and the weight fluctuations make total sense to me! I will read the article, though.

  3. sounds like a sensible plan to me and you CAN DO IT!