Total Weight Loss

Friday, February 1, 2013


YUCK!  I don't like February, never have.  Of all the months of the year, I like February the least.  (I worked very hard on that sentence so it wouldn't read "I HATE February!")  February is a month to be endured.  The cold, dreary days of winter seem to linger too long this month.  I know it gets cold in March and we've even had snow in April, but the promise of spring seems much nearer to me on March 1.  The best thing I can say about February is it is the shortest month.  It must be endured for only 28 days.  Leap years are always insulting to me.

I have been trying for some time now to reframe bad stuff so that it is more tolerable ala Pollyanna.  Go get the book and read it right now, even if you read it as a child.  Read it again with adult eyes and perspective.

In that vein, I am trying to cast February in a more positive light.  I already started by saying it is the shortest month.  I am going to keep focused on my healthy eating and exercise goals so that I will weigh less in February.  There aren't a lot of social obligations this time of year like in December to derail me.  65MD and I have always gone our own way for Valentine's Day, so that won't be an issue.

On March 1, I will look back and see how much progress I made and I will remember February as the month I moved forward towards my goals.


  1. YES! it is also my "least" month but this month WILL be a successful transitional month for us both by golly!

  2. I love February! Hehe. It is one month closer to my bday (March), my dear dad's bday month (2/1), and I'm a sucker for Vday. I used to be a romantic sucker, but then I got married. haha Sad to say, now it seems more about the kids and how excited they are about Vday. :) I'll agree it's dreary, though! This is not a month to be endured. This is a month to be enjoyed! Get out there and do something special for yourself this February!