Total Weight Loss

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Waiting on ONEderland

Last time I posted,which was more than a week ago,  I weighed 201.6 lbs.  I was certain that I would be in ONEderland quite soon and my next post would be all about that.  I thought up the most eloquent blog posts about being under 200 lbs that I would post just as soon as the scales hit 199.8.  So far that hasn't happened.  Today I weigh 201.4.

When I last posted, I was in that sweet spot with weight loss.  Everything was just as it should be with eating, activity and water and the scales were responding accordingly.  The sweet spot has always been elusive for me.  I don't know when it will come and I don't know how long it will stay.  I just enjoy it while it is here.  I try not to think things like how 'easy' this is, or that my body has finally figured this out.  I know that as quickly as it comes, it can slip away. It did almost as soon as I hit publish on that last post.

Now, I am still fully on plan with the eating, activity and water, but the scales quit responding.  This is the part where I generally start searching for answers, looking for things to tweak, like cutting out fruit, or upping the exercise, or maybe even upping the calories.  (That is a favorite of mine, and a sure plan for disaster.)

This time, I'm going to rest on the plateau.  I know what I am doing is the right thing for my body.  I've been through enough trial and error.  I know that tweaking this and that here and there only leads to frustration on my part.  That leads to all sorts of eating errors.  So this time, I'm keeping a cool head.  I am trying to visualize myself calm, peaceful and resting on a small ledge on the mountain I'm climbing.  My body knows what it is doing and when it is ready it will continue the climb.  Until then, all I have to do is wait.

It won't be easy.  It is against my natural tendency to fix the problem and push through.  That hasn't worked in the past.  Now, I'm going to trust my body to move when it wants to.  I'm taking a deep breath and relaxing now.  Soon enough, I'll make one of those amazing posts about ONEderland a reality.


  1. You are good to just sit and wait. If it ain't broke, don't fix it, right?! :) Your body probably is just used to its current level of whatever is going on and is resting and regrouping before getting back to it!

  2. just keep goin and dont change course and you'll get there, i too am soooo close to the elusive onderland been at 204 for weeks now, but we shall do it!!!!

  3. I know lots of people (including me) who are waiting on that elusive some kind of land that they are only 1.5-2 pounds away from and it seems as if it's taunting us from a distance!! But I sense a change of mindset from you and less of a panic that you have to CHANGE something and that's good. Stay the course, it will come.

    1. You're right Sharon. I don't feel that sense of urgency that I once did, which is a very good thing. I do have a wedding coming up in May and I'd really like to look fabulous. I'm doing all I can, and that is all I can do.