Total Weight Loss

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


The scales are finally moving back in the right direction.  And like I always do, I search for the reason why.  I want to be able to replicate my success.  So, I've been trying to do some self anaylsis.  I haven't been very successful with that, or at least I thought I hadn't been very successful until I had an epiphany yesterday.

I've been busy.  That is why I have not had time to FOCUS on what I was doing right, or even wrong.  I've been largely relying on instinct.  I've been prepping my meals in advance more because time has been an issue.  I know if I spend a chunk of time every 3 or 4 days to measure my portions it will save me time in the long run.  So, without much thought, I grab the meal I want, eat and move on with my life.  No calorie counting, no carb counting, no fat grams, nothing.

I've already portioned my food and I eat.  At meal time there is no epic struggle with what or how much to eat.  I just do it.  I think that is how naturally thin people do it.  (Except I don't think they premeasure everything a few times per week.)

Every day, I get up and the scales have slipped down again.  Every day, I am thankful and think I need to figure this out.  I need to sustain this success.  What is the reason for this new found success?  Am I better motivated now?  Is it this local, grass fed beef?  Am I just better in tune with my body's needs?  But, I haven't had time to actually FOCUS and decide what was what.

Then it hit me.  I had FOCUSed far too much on all of the above.  I'd FOCUSed on carbs, calories, and fat.  I'd FOCUSed on organic, and natural.  I'd FOCUSed on graphs and spreadsheets.  (OK, I still do that!)  When I quit trying to laser in on food and make it my FOCAL point, I quit stressing and let meals happen.

Weighing and counting every bite of food that goes in to my mouth drives me insane.  I can't do it for long.  When the weight loss slows or stalls, I start looking for a problem with the calories/carbs/fat/whatever!  I get lost in all of the minutae of the situation.

As I said earlier, I'm still measuring my food.  I know what I'm getting, but I don't agonize over every meal anymore.  I think that's the key.  Food is no longer my FOCUS.  Since I'm not wasting a lot of mental energy wondering about the food, I am relaxed and finding greater success than ever before.  65MD even mentioned over the weekend that he liked the way we were eating now.

Life is good.  I am grateful and will do my best to never ever FOCUS on food over life.


  1. I love having my lunches prepacked. It is REALLY nice to grab that container out and not have to weigh and measure while the rest of my family eats in "freedom." I agree with you! I know a lot of people don't like the new WW program because fruit and most veggies are "free" in points, but I love that. I love that I can just grab an apple without caring how big, how small, blah, blah, blah. Lol

  2. an epiphany indeed! and thanks for the kind words on my blog darlin, i SHALL be ok!

  3. Such a great place to be! I too look for what I do when I see a loss and last week was very similar to yours for me as well- I had my week planned out as far as food and exercise then just went with the flow and it was soo busy I didn't have time to worry about everything and all of a sudden I was down a pound-hurrah!

  4. You are so right! There is a fine line between focus and obsession :)

    Glad you are feeling good!