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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Happy Times

Through a series of very fortunate events, (at least for me!) I will be taking care of my 6 month old niece three days per week for the next few months.   She's precious and I love having her here. We have had a lot of fun together.  I can't articulate just how much I enjoy her being here.  Seeing that sweet smile, and hearing that adorable laugh makes me smile and laugh too.

This little bundle of joy weighs almost 18 lbs and is obviously too little to be mobile on her own.  That means someone must carry her every where. I hadn't thought through the whole carrying around nearly 20 extra pounds until the second day she was here.  I noticed my calves were a little sore.  I could feel it in my upper arms when I lifted her.  Then I got another reason to be happy with her here.  She is my own little strength training!  I never thought I would enjoy 'working out' quite this much.  I just hope she sticks around long enough for me to get to my goal weight!


  1. sounds like a great set of "weights" to me! and picking her up n down over your head to do raspberries on a tummy might be the most fun exercise EVER!

  2. My goodness, I just never know what sort of new activity you are going to come up with. This does sound like lots of fun. And the good thing is she isn't nearly old enough to tempt you with wanting to make cookies and eat ice cream. LOL!

    1. Sharon,
      You know me too well!

  3. Ah how fun is that? Enjoy every minute!!

    Keep focused!!

  4. How precious! And 3 days a week is perfect. You won't tire of her and will really enjoy her. Hmmm... I should consider only keeping MY kids 3 days a week. Haha, jk. Be sure to play Superman with her to strengthen your legs. Lay on your back on the floor. Put your feet on her chest. Hold her hands and lift her into the air. Haha Enjoy!