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Monday, June 17, 2013

Sour Cream

We don't have any sour cream.  We are living just fine without it.  Saturday night was our first meal when we actually had to do without something for a meal.  It is about time!

I put a sirloin steak in the slow cooker with some Mexican seasonings,  and jalapenos from last  year's garden.  I cut some lettuce from this year's garden and served the meat over that with a sprinkle of cheese.  My intention was then to add a dollop of sour cream.  It would have been a nice low carb meal.  Only we didn't have sour cream. 

It was still a nice low carb meal, but it was even better without the sour cream.  The jalapenos were HOT.  The sour cream would have blunted the heat.  Instead we got the full force of it, and it was good.  There was some meat left over and I will likely have it for a meal today, sans sour cream.  I may skip the sour cream completely going forward.  Who knows?  Of course it with a couple of days age on it, it could really be hot. Then I might change my mind about not having sour cream!!!

I really am glad that something finally came up that we had to do without.  That is the whole object of this little exercise.  I am a little embarrassed that we are half way through the month and so far we only have lemons and sour cream MIA.  

My mother and I are going out of town for a long weekend this weekend.  That will leave 65MD on his own.  He won't do much cooking for just himself.  He'll eat at school or get something to bring home.  So, I'm still thinking we'll skate through this month without any real issues.


  1. that's wonderful so looks like this experiment is a success!

  2. I love my sour cream, but it really does tone things down quite a bit! I think it's great that you are sailing through the month without many hitches. By starting this way, you can do another month in the future a bit easier when your supplies are even lower!