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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Another Kind of Food Dream

Last night I dreamt about cauliflower pizza!  Yes, I did.  I was in a situation in which everyone was eating.  I had a bag of cauliflower, that I'd brought with me.  When it came time to eat, I sauteed my cauliflower to make the pizza crust.  It was then that I realized I didn't quite know the recipe so I improvised.  My improvisations were great and I proceeded to enjoy the entire thing, while extolling the virtues of said pizza to anyone that would listen!!!

This is the second such dream I've had in recent weeks.  The other one involved eating kale.  The details escape me now, but both dreams lead me to wonder.  Have I had some sort of break through deep inside?  Now my mind naturally turns to more healthy options (eating the entire pizza aside), that has to be a good thing.  Right?

In the past, when I was deep in a weight loss plan, I'd have dreams about eating a whole cake.  Sometimes by accident and then trying to fix it.  I've blogged about them before.  I'm choosing to believe that this is maturity with the weight loss phase of my life and hoping that I am nearing the end of the phase.  I'm ready for maintenance.  At least I think I am.



  1. Funny I was just thinking about that cauliflower pizza crust recently. Since I'm trying to ditch these few pounds, I'm reminding myself of some recipes I've never gotten around to trying and that's one of them.

    1. You should try it. I love it. Obviously, I dream about it!!!

  2. so cool I too have dreamed about unhealthy foods but haven't quite made it to that phase! sounds like a good place to be!

  3. My dreams are ALWAYS so detailed and so crazy. I'm not recalling any specific food ones, though... Hmmmmmm

  4. and today I dreamed of PIE! lemon pie to be exact and I woke up CRAVING it........went rooting in the fridge and found a jello lemon meriange cup, and that satisfied that craving! good thing I woke up early since I said starting at 4pm I was fasting! lol