Total Weight Loss

Friday, June 7, 2013

Odds and Ends

I have a lot of little tidbits to share today.  None are long enough to warrant and entire post.  And they are dissimilar enough that they won't make a cohesive entry, or even a good segue.  I actually believe that I do that on other posts!!

Today, I want to share another thought about my niece, a NSV, and an update on the shopping fast.

My niece - She weighs almost 18 lbs according to my scales.  I began to look at her and try to visualize what I looked like with 'her' on my body almost 4 more times.  That is a little bit sobering.  So, I began to imagine myself with 'her' off of my a little more than 2 times.  That was more like it.  The sweet thing, is helping me more than I ever knew.

NSV - With all the joy in my life with the sweet baby, I got a little behind on laundry.  Both of my go to shorts were dirty.  No big deal since I work from home.  I would just leave my jammies on until the shorts got through washing.  Except that the dog wanted out.  I didn't feel right taking him out in my pajamaed state.   This isn't Walmart!!  Our dog is of the age that he'll just pee in the house if he isn't taken out in time.  So, I threw on a shirt and my biggest pair of too little shorts.  I thought I'd pull the shirt over the zipper so that it wasn't obvious that the shorts weren't fastened.  I tugged them on and then thought that just perhaps they would button.  They did.  They even zipped.  In fact, I wore them all day.  Now, I must admit that they were definitely tighter than I like my clothes to be, but still.  They were on.  So, feeling all svelte, I tried another pair today.  They are on and zipped and again I confess.  They are uncomfortable.  I'm wearing them anyway.  One day, I'll mention how these puppies are now too big!!

The Fast - So far, I've not even noticed that we are having a grocery store fast when it comes to eating and/or meal planning.  Of course, this is just the first week, but we're already thinking that we'll have to extend the fast or tweak it in another way.  We'll make that decision later.  The biggest difference for me, was when the sale papers came out this week, they went straight to the recycling bin.  And it was good.  I probably has a smile on my face when they went in.  It was unburdening somehow not to have to worry about looking them.  

The funniest thing was I had to pick up a prescription yesterday.  Our pharmacy is in the grocery store where I most often shop.  Of course, the sale papers were very prominently displayed at the entrance.  When I saw them, I had a moment of panic.  I didn't know what was on sale!!  Oh dear!!  Then I remembered I was there for medication and that was all.  I had a chuckle at my ingrained nature and proceeded to the pharmacy without further incident.

Clearly, only 6 days in, is too early to claim a victory.  But I can for sure say that we are firmly on the path to victory.  Time will tell.


  1. I found I was actually practicing recreational grocery shopping and that in and of itself is no great evil. Except for the temptations that it presents. I honestly believe that my recreational grocery shopping was the beginning of my finding these 15 pounds. Walking by the M & M's and potato chips five or six times a week will eventually weaken you to the point of giving in. I went to the grocery store once last week (I had to, we'd been gone three weeks), but other than that, I've stayed away.

  2. that's great and by that I mean ALL of it! lol and just think how much exercise you'll get in another 6 months when your lil angel is running around getting into everything! as for the nsv WOO HOO!

  3. I just love the fact that you admitted you were going to leave your shorts unbuttoned and cover the fact with your untucked shirt. I love people I can bond with. :) Yay for you not having to actually do that, though!!!