Total Weight Loss

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My Travel Report Card

I am home from my trip and am glad to report that my niece continues to improve.  This is a long road for her.  Therapy could last as long as 6 months.  She's doing so well, that I don't think it will.  Thanks to everyone for showing concern for her.  Now, on to how this trip impacted my weight loss goals.

As of this morning, I have lost exactly one pound  from the day I left!  Of course the scales are only one measure of success.  While I am thrilled with a loss of any amount, I know that the scales are the part of this journey over which I have the least control.I  have always maintained that for me there are three areas I can control and if I am successful in those areas the scales will follow.  They are:
*What/How Much I Eat
*Adequate Water Intake
*How Much I Move
I've given myself a grade in each area just like a school report card.

I stated going in that I was planning to eat whatever was served in moderation since I had no idea what would be required of me.  I knew that the church was providing food and that I had no control over what was brought.  I only had control over what I ate.

I was most impressed by those generous individuals that brought meals.  They all included fruits and green vegetables.  Every meal that was brought was made at home.  I was a little fearful of convenience foods, but there were none of those anywhere in sight.  I ate what I felt like were moderate portions at each meal.  

They also brought dessert, which is my nemesis!  I've already mentioned the butterscotch brownies.  I had additional desserts as well.  Again, I had moderate amounts.  I confess that I wanted more than I allowed myself.  If I had let myself, I would have polished off the brownies and several other of the goodies around.  I did not.

I felt like I ate like an normal average person.

For eating, I give myself a "C"

The first day that I was there all day was Wednesday.  That was the day of the surgery.  It was chaos that day.  My 5 year old special needs nephew had seizures all day and felt bad.  We spent a lot of the day with him laying on me while I laid on the couch.  It was the only way he would calm and I was exhausted already so I did not mind.  The thought of water never even crossed my mind.  It was probably a good thing because I never would have had time to pee!!!  I was thankful that I didn't have to plan and prepare meals for my other nephew.  The second day the 5yo was much better and I was able to drink some water, but caring for him is a full time job.  He gets fed through a feeding tube every 4 hours, plus various medications are administered throughout the day.  On Thursday afternoon, my older nephew came home from school with a fever!  I did not get a full 64 ounces in any day I was there.  

For water, I give myself a "D"

I did not formally exercise at all while I was gone, however, I contend that I got in a major workout every day.  On Thursday, I noticed that I was sore in my core.  I realized right away that it was from carrying around my nephew.  He weighs 30-35 lbs and had very little motor control  It is like carrying around a 3 month old.  He can't hold his head up for long, nor can he hold himself in an upright position.  He is non-verbal and is not ambulatory.  He can't use the potty either.  I got plenty of exercise picking up that little fellow and carrying him around the house.  My arms weren't quite a sore since I am used to carrying around a 20 lb baby girl.  She can hold her head up and keep her back straight.  It is amazing the difference that makes.  I feel the best about this area. Even though it was unstructured,  I got in a workout 24/7 for 5 days!

For exercise, I give myself an "A"

I think overall I did well and am pleased.  I had a couple of NSVs while I was there which I'll share in a later post.  


  1. a loss after that week is impressive! and I think mayhaps your grades were a whole level above where you place them, you are after all (as we all are) your own worse critic and I betcha if you were grading my week you'd be more fair and less critical!

  2. So glad you are home and everything went well. Give yourself a few days to calm down and catch up! You must be mentally and physically exhausted.

  3. Coming home down a pound sounds like you did GREAT. I'm sure the week had lots of stressors in it. You did awesome to keep controlled around all those desserts. :)