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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Survivor Challenge

65MD and I bonded over Survivor 2, which was in Australia.  It is still my favorite season.  We watch it every season and create our own Survivor challenge during the 39 days the castaways are on the island.  Our best challenge was to drink only water for 39 days, no coffee, no tea, no cola, not even flavor in the water.  Plain water for 39 days was a bigger obstacle than either of us anticipated.   I think that added to the 'enjoyment' of the challenge.  (I put that in quotes because it wasn't so enjoyable at the time!)

So, as a new season is upon us, we are trying to decide how to challenge ourselves this time.  We've done the usual things that spring to mind, like no this or that.  This time we are considering upping our workouts while the show is on.  Since the contestants have to walk every where and have physical challenges every three days, it makes sense to us.  Plus, we need to amp up our workouts for sure.  

We're thinking of challenging ourselves to workout 39 times during the season.  It seems rather doable on the surface.  The season is about 13 weeks, which is 3 workouts per week.  But, the first week out, my niece is having surgery so, I'm going to be out of town for a week with her.  The first of October, I'll be in Guatemala on a mission trip for a week.  I'm not making excuses, I'm being realistic and recognizing that some weeks, I'll have to do more than three workouts to make up for the weeks I won't be able to get in three.  Then there is the unknown, injury or illness could happen to us.

Still, we accept the challenge.  We have a week before the premiere so we may tweak it a little more between now and then.  We're open to suggestions too.  I love it when my readers give me good ideas.

Thanks to Sharon for reminding me about averaging my weight for the week.  I started doing that last week.  My average weight for the week was 201.06.  Not good, but it is where I am.  The important thing is what I do now.  It seems like at this season of my life Tuesdays are my best blogging days.  I'll try to report each Tuesday what my average weight was for the previous week, and update the tickers.

Thanks to everyone for supporting me!


  1. Thanks for the shout-out! Averaging has certainly worked for me. I looked back and I have been doing that since October 1, 2006 using the same spreadsheet format. I just add a new page each January via copy/paste! I also like it because on any given day since 10/1/06, I can easily look back and see what I weighed on that day. Love the challenge idea! Just so you can envy me (LOL!) I happen to know Tina Wesson who won Survivor 2. Sadly, she no longer lives in Knoxville.

  2. sounds like a good doable challenge, go for it! I like the entire concept too, you could adapt it to other shows easily, biggest loser comes to mind. hmmmmmm something to ponder! thanks darlin xoxoxo

  3. That sounds like a great way to challenge yourself! I love the show but haven't watched it as consistently as I used to.