Total Weight Loss

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


I am disappointed in myself.  I posted a gain during the month of August.  I'm not happy at all with that.  I thought the meal replacements were just the thing.  Maybe they are.  I'm not giving up just yet.  Since August 12, I have lost exactly 2 pounds.  As I noted last time, I've been yo-yoing ever since.  I had a big birthday and indulged.

Thursday is 65MD's birthday and a week from Wednesday is our anniversary.  I will not use those events as an excuse to eat badly.  I have got to get with the program and stick to it for it to work.  That means, I've got to make some changes.  The changes besides sticking to the program include changes in the way I blog.

I've discovered that, when I'm not doing well, I avoid blogging.  When I do blog, I don't mention the bad parts.  It is in my nature not to focus on the bad parts of life, so it isn't a conscious decision to be deceitful.  Still, I've not painted a clear picture of my struggles in weight loss lately.

Beginning now, I have a new ticker.  It will measure my weight loss with the meal replacements.  I started it at 201.2 and has my current weight of 199.2 listed.  I put the goal weight on this as 165 since that is what my doctor recommended initially.  (I'm still wanting 145.)

I am leaving the 'old' ticker up since I want to see my progress from the beginning to my ultimate goal.  I think seeing the 50+ pound weight loss on it, makes me a little complacent.  I don't want to forget how far I've come, but I can't stop there.

I will update both tickers weekly.  I will blog about the whole picture.  It may get boring.  It may get ugly.   It may not make sense to anyone but me.  This is my blog, and I'll do what works for me.  Thanks for joining me and supporting me on this roller coaster ride!


  1. I think your new idea sounds great. I'm sorry for the logged gain. I know that's especially disappointing when we feel like we've done fairly well but the scale doesn't agree. :(

  2. ok darling first off two words I NEVER associate with you are boring and ugly as you're beautiful and exciting, mayhaps i'm biased as I adore you but once again we tread the same parallel paths. I too haven't had a stellar month I didn't weigh again to avoid the uptick my oops sweet-tea ingestion surely brought along with it. so I understand and my blogging on weight-loss has been spotty at best, so thanks for the reminder to focus! i'm gonna get there and so are you!!!

  3. Keep going. Glad you will stay on your plan during the two events over the next few weeks. I found that to be key during loss- my body did not know it was a holiday, my kids birthday, etc.

    Good practice.Keep bringing a long what works.