Total Weight Loss

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Baby, It's Cold Outside

It is dangerously cold here in the sunny south!  Single digit temps and below zero wind chills are here.  The forecast is for a brief reprieve over the weekend and then back down to frigid cold.  That isn't news and it is the same most places.  We don't have snow, which for me is disappointing.  I like one good one each winter.  I may get it yet.

What does this have to do with weight loss?  For me, it is hard for me to drink water when I am cold.  Even though I'm inside and the thermostat is set to a balmy 60 something.  I'm cold.  As I type this, I am wearing a t-shirt, turtle neck, sweater and jacket along with two pairs of pants and socks and fur lined boots.  I may complete my ensemble with a hat.  Pouring cold water in to an already cold body is not what I want to do.

I've struggled all week to get 64 ounces, when most of the time that is only about half of what I drink.  The good news is, that I'm still getting in my workout and eating on plan.  It is just this pesky water thing.  As a result, I haven't quite lost my over-the-weekend regain.  I still have 0.2 to go.

Sunday is weigh in and I'll have a loss.  But, I doubt I'll be contending for first place like I thought I was last week.  As long as the scale keeps creeping down, no matter how slowly, I'll be glad.  I've got to stop these little bounces up here & there. That is what is killing progress for me.


  1. How about a big, hot glass of green tea or flavored green tea? It's MOSTLY water, has some herbs in it, and it's WARM. :) Better than nothing! I am cracking up at your ensemble, but I may have to do the same. Our gas bill is $267 and we owe it next week when hubby gets no paycheck. Blah. We need to cut down the heat and just bundle up instead!

  2. bravo for the loss and just drink what you can darlin!