Total Weight Loss

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Just For Fun

Temps here are still well below normal and are being called the coldest in a generation.  I know each winter we get a few cold days here and there.  But, I can't recall the cold staying around for so long and being so recurrent.  As I type this, the "feels like" temp is -2.  The air temperature is warmer in Boston (where my nephew lives) and has been during most of these most bitter days.

Since I posted what I was wearing the other day when I was admitting to not getting enough water, and several of my readers got a chuckle from my ensemble, I decided to post my garments once again.  
*long sleeved T-shirt
*spandex workout pants
*nylon workout pants that are lined and generally quite cozy alone
*hunting socks
*regular socks
*fur lined booties
I have a fleece jacket handy should I feel a chill.  LOL!!

All of these clothes weigh 5 pounds!  I think in a few weeks when I can go back to wearing a normal amount of clothes, I'll feel svelte no matter what the scales say.

So far today, I've had about 16 ounces of water.  I'll get it down.

BTW, I drink a lot of hot tea but I'm still trying to get in 64 ounces of good old water too.

Keep warm, my friends.


  1. Glad you are warming yourself with the hot tea. Haha I bet you are zipped up in that jacket by now. :)

  2. I hate clothes I'm lucky to wear a light jacket no matter how cold it gets I don't see how you move in all of that! lololol