Total Weight Loss

Monday, January 13, 2014

On Getting My Hiney Kicked

As I mentioned before, my family is competing in our own weight loss efforts.  We each picked our plan and goals and were off and running.  Sunday was our first weigh in/accountability day.  I got my backside handed to me in a major way by my family!  Everyone lost weight but me.  I gained.  That is all it takes to light a fire under my all too ample self and get to it.

I knew that I hadn't given it my all last week.  I had a lot going on with my business which is wonderful, but I shouldn't have let it distract me from healthy habits.  Not to mention the bitter cold kept me inside.  That shouldn't matter either with all of the workout DVDs I have.

I am now focused much more intently on what I need to do.  My walking buddy has challenged me as well and I have accepted.  I put a new ticker at the top of the blog with my "Family Challenge Goal."  I am ready to do it.

Next week, I will not be dead last again.


  1. Sometimes it's just tough to get in the right mindset and get going. Hang in there...keep trying. Don't quit!

  2. Lori, maybe you don't always give it your all, but as much as you HAVE tried over all of 2013 - hCG diet, meal replacement drinks, low carb, seeing a dietician, walking challenge, etc., I'm really starting to wonder if you have something different going on that's keeping you from weight loss. I can't remember if you have been to a doctor and had ALL hormone levels checked or not. There is a chapter or two in THM about how hormone imbalance can mess you up and how. They mention a lot of hormones that doctors don't just readily check for without you asking. I also just wonder if you have tried so many different things, some with extremes of barely getting any calories at all, if your body is confused and at a standstill refusing to drop anything until you start doing something steady that it can bet on. Does that make sense? I'm not being rude here AT ALL. I just feel so much for you! I know why I didn't lose weight in 2013. But you tried! And you tried a lot of things. It just really gets me to wondering about it all! Worth being checked into if it hasn't been already. ((hugs))

  3. nothing like bein shamed by your loved ones to fan those flames! lolol you'll kill it this week!