Total Weight Loss

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Week Two Results

I lost 2.4 pounds.  I didn't go from worst to first because my niece dropped 4.2 pounds!!  I'm in second place.  I'm fine with that.  I'm just glad for a loss finally.  My total loss for the competition is 0.4 so I'm still in last place there.  That's OK.  I'm doing better.

The best thing about this family competition is that I am truly happy for the person that 'wins' the week.  We are all keeping each other encouraged and motivated.  That is what matters most.  We will all get to our goals.

For the sake of keeping it real though,  I must confess that I regained over the long weekend.  Yesterday was a rare spring like day with sunshine and temps in the 60's.  65MD and I took advantage of the weather and his day off to go out and enjoy life.  I ate rather than having the shakes and I didn't get enough water on Sunday or Monday.  

Today, I'm back 100% on plan.   I've drunk a lot of water and been to the bathroom a lot too! I'll probably drop all of the regain today and be back in the hunt tomorrow. 

FYI, in my area, the temps are plummeting and snow is predicted.  I doubt we'll get the snow but we will get the cold! 


  1. It did snow a little this morning here, but it didn't amount to anything. YAY FOR THE GOOD LOSS!!! Weekends are always harder. I didn't do good this weekend either. :( There is a Yogi tea that says Detox tea. It detoxes the kidneys and liver supposedly. Not sure, but I do notice I have to use the restroom a lot after drinking it. That may be a way to boost your loss. LOL

  2. congrats on the loss and no matter what you're a WINNER to me! I'm in dover de and we've gotten several inches so far I live all the way across town so I already called out. stay safe and warm.