Total Weight Loss

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

My Amazing Family

I am so very blessed to have a family that gets along.  We don't always agree but we respect each other and the different opinions that happen in any group.  We genuinely enjoy the company of each other.  Once again, we have pulled together during a difficult time to work through the hard spots together.  We have a rough road ahead.  There is a dark cloud over us that is making it hard to see the good part.  We are sure that everything will work out as it should but it will be hard to live through it.  So for now, I am concentrating on the one good thing I know for sure - my family is amazing.  We will get through this.

As hard as I tried yesterday to get back in full swing of my eating plan, it didn't quite happen.  There was no binge or major pig fest, but I ate a couple of slices of banana blueberry bread that I had made for Sunday.  Food still has little appeal.  The bread was readily available.  I have put it out of sight and that should take care of it.  In spite of that indiscretion, I did well with my eating and lost 0.8 of the regain.  That leaves 2.4 lbs to go to get back to where I was before this began.


  1. I had some issues with the "readily available" stuff also. It was even harder when Bill was so sick and I didn't want to cook or do anything that would create an odor so the readily available stuff really was what I needed. You did good by putting the bread out of sight. Hopefully you can have a few things easily accessible that are better choices. There may be days you are simply eating to live so it doesn't matter WHAT it is you are eating. Christian sisters can pray for each other whether or not they know any details. God knows them.

    1. Thank you, Sharon. Your compassion brought tears to my eyes.

  2. hang in sweetie, you'll drop that in no time!