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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Thank YOU!

This morning I woke in despair over 'the situation.'  I sobbed and sobbed.  I'd get control of my emotions, but the sadness and frustration would wash over me like a wave and the tears would begin again.  Deep inside, I knew things would work out, but I couldn't imagine how or when.

I sucked it up and got about my day as planned.  I still felt like a cloud was hanging over my head.  I decided I had to learn to live with it.  This would be my 'new normal'  (I hate that phrase!) and I would just have to concentrate on what was right in my life and put aside this part over which I had no control.

Very soon after having those thoughts things took an unexpected but very welcome turn.  This thing that had consumed just about every waking moment since Saturday practically vanished.  I cannot explain how it happened since I'm still not at liberty to discuss the details, but the problem is no longer present.

I know that a lot of my readers stood with me in prayer over this even though the specifics were not known to them.  I believe those prayers were heard and answered.  All I can do is say "Thank you!"  Maybe there will come a time when I can share exactly what happened so everyone can know and marvel as I do now.  

This morning I was a mess.  This afternoon, I am giddy with joy.  Thank you!