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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Sweet Wedding

We had a precious wedding on Saturday evening.  It was everything the bride and groom wanted it to be.  The bride's father called it magical and I agree.  The bride said she looked up during the reception and saw all of our handiwork throughout the summer and felt surrounded by love.  I did too.  It was a delightful evening.  

It was very hot, which is to be expected in July, even though we had moderate days before and since.  Oh well.  The heat made the carrot cake sort of melt.  I felt like I was serving it by the spoonful rather than slice. I took a couple of bites of it because I was just a little concerned that it might not taste so good.  I need not have worried, it was scrumptous even if I do say so myself.  It was devoured as was the tree stump cake. (i haven't got a picture of the cakes yet, but if I do I'll post it.) Apparently, the bride's family doesn't often get scratch made cakes and loved it.

Those few bites of cake was all the food I had at the reception.  I was too busy enjoying myself and never even thought about eating.  That coupled with the extreme heat, allowed me to lose 0.2 lbs over night!!  

I started back on the hcg injections.  I didn't want to put that off at all even with family still in town.  The last of the family will leave over the weekend.  I expect to be back to my more regular blogging & commenting then.  I'll also share the July stats.

Have a great weekend.  Be back Monday - maybe!

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  1. that's wonderful , so lovely to start a life together surrounded by those you love!