Total Weight Loss

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Current Plan

Now that I've had a little time to live with the surgery date and think of good reasons to wait, like more time to prepare rather than the only bad one - I hurt.  I can do things about the pain and I've lived with it for this long what is 49 more days.  Yes, I counted!  Waiting for surgery will get us past both our birthdays, our anniversary and a fall trip.  I won't be as mobile as I'd prefer but I know that relief is coming and I can manage.

So the question at hand for me, is what to do in the meantime.  Do I go back on hcg, or try another plan to lose weight?  I still need to lose.  The more weight I get off this hip the better I will be now, and after the surgery.  

The hcg will knock the weight right off which is why I went back to it this summer.  It also requires a lot of mental toughness.  I have to do a lot of positive self talk prior to starting.  I have to do a lot of planning and forecasting regarding social events.  There is no way to eat socially and stay on plan.  It is just too restrictive.  I can manage when I see the scales move.

I only have so much of that mental toughness.  I feel like I am expending it getting ready for surgery and managing the pain between now & then.  The last two weeks on hcg, I felt myself crumbling under the pressure.  All of which, is leading me to stay on low carb until after the surgery.

On the other hand, if I don't do the hcg now, I may not be able to until the first of the year.  I'm not sure.  Recovery will take 3 or 4 weeks, so most of the month of October. I might be able to squeeze in three weeks between recovery and Thanksgiving.  It is not possible to know right now.  I don't want to delay any longer than I have to.

Of course, I can lose weight, just not as quickly on low carb.  It is just a lot easier mentally.  There are more options and I don't feel so confined and deprived.  Right now, I am leaning hard towards low carb at least through the surgery date.  Although, I reserve the right to change my mind!

I am so very close to ONEderland once again.  I weigh 201.8.  Two measly little pounds and I'll be there. I should be there and then some by the time the surgery date gets here.


  1. whatever you do you'll do fine! at least you have an end date in sight....