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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Visit with the Surgeon

Yesterday afternoon, I saw my surgeon hoping that he would release me and I could go on my way rejoicing.  That didn't happen.

Although, he was quite pleased with the progress my right hip has made, he wants to see me back at the end of September.  That is the one year mark for the surgery.  If that was the only thing that happened, I would have been fine.  Things went downhill from there.

I asked for my left hip to be x-rayed because it has been giving me issues since sometime around Thanksgiving.  It has the same malformation as the right hip.  It will need to be replaced at some point as well.  (I think I already knew this, but didn't want to admit it to myself.)

I told the doctor that I wanted the surgery ASAP.  I am so ready to put this part of my life behind me and move on.  He didn't quite see it that way.  He gave me a shot, with the hope that would alleviate some of the pain.  So far, that hasn't happened.  I am to call and report in a few weeks and we'll make a further plan.  My right hip needs to be closer to 100% before replacing the left one.

As I left his office, the full import of what had just happened began to occur to me.  Once both hips are replaced, I will never be able to bend past 90 degrees at my waist.  That means I'll never be able to tie my own shoes again.  I won't be able to just bend over and pick up anything from the floor.  Never cross my legs, or even ankles.  I drove straight to Sonic!

I knew pulling in that I was going for a diet cherry limeade purely out of emotions.  I debated about letting my emotions rule me like that even if all I got was something to drink, even if it was full of all sorts of artificial stuff.  I did it anyway.  I even got the route 44 size because it was happy hour! 

65MD came home soon after and he was a calming presence for me.  We talked things through and we know we are in for a rough patch again.  We will get through it together.  We know better what to expect and how to prepare.

He even said that it was OK that I got an emotional diet cherry limeade!  It could have been way worse.  I could have gotten popcorn chicken or a milkshake or even a regular cherry limeade.  I am celebrating that small victory.


  1. You got an emotional DIET cherry limeade? Seriously, you are my hero!!!! :) I'm sorry you got disappointing news today. I know that has to feel so hard to hear, esp since you aren't even completely healed from this first huge battle yet. But go back several months on posts and see just how far you've come! It will happen again. And slip ons and flip flops are way better anyway. ;)

  2. it was a food bandage and a diet one at that so it's perfectly fine and understandable. if that's the whole binge you held it in check pretty gosh darn well. I'm glad you know what you have to do and have a dr who's looking out for you. and I do believe the next surgery will be easier and you'll have clearer understanding of the process. I do understand the angst limits impose I haven't been able to sit in lotus since my knee surgery and I ALWAYS sat lotus, but I can walk just fine and you'll find ways to do what needs be done. sending calming/healing prayers your way along with a BIG OLE HUG!

  3. Oh Lori, you may feel that your emotional response was not good, but I agree with your man that it was a LOT better than it might have been (or would have been if I'd been in the same position) so celebrate it as a BIG victory, not a small one.
    As to the prospect of not bending and somewhat limited mobility - yes, it's a tough call, but perhaps the upsides (no pain) outweigh that. Slip-on shoes and velcro might work, and a grab stick for dropped items. What I mean is, although I can't find a way to word it the way I'd like to, that the practical things can be overcome, the pain and how it will affect 'you' long term is the bigger issue. Take care of 'you' and the rest can be figured out.

  4. Who likes tie shoes anyway? My mom has some tie shoes. I think she ties them lose and slips them on. Or maybe she ties them. Not sure. It will work out and the pain will be so gone! And let me tell you, I would have had tater tots at sonic. So you did great!